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Backlight Empowers Broadcasters and Rights Owners with Best-in-Class Publishing and Archive Workflow

Backlight announced the integration between its cloud-native media management iconik, and Wildmoka, its media production and hyperdistribution platform.

Backlight26.10.233 min read
New Integration Combines Powerful Search and Timely Distribution
Capabilities for Greater Monetization


BOSTON (October 26, 2023) - -  Global media and entertainment technology company, Backlight, announced the availability of the integration between its cloud-native media management platform, iconik, and Wildmoka, its media production and hyperdistribution platform. The offering delivers value to broadcasters and content owners with intelligent live-to-archive and easy search and restore functionality so they can broaden reach and monetize video across platforms with greater efficiency. 

Speed and flexibility are key to being able to "lift and shift" assets, whether they be live or from the archives. Yet, in the fast-paced, reactive, and often budget-conscious world of content creation, traditional archiving methods can be severely limiting, especially when trying to retrieve and reuse older content. The iconik <> Wildmoka integration bridges the gap between live and archived content so that broadcasters no longer lose opportunities to publish on social media due to time-consuming workflows and hard-to-find assets. Instead, they are empowered to be first to market with their live streams and to leverage archived content where the opportunity arises to engage audiences everywhere.

"The iconik <> Wildmoka integration has been a huge help to us at Goodwood, especially during our Revival 2023 motorace event. We published almost 5,000 videos and 100 hours of branded video over just 36 hours, with 99% of those assets archived directly to iconik, which speaks volumes about the capabilities of this integration,” said Nathan Morgan, group head of IT at the Goodwood Group, an English sporting estate. “With this integration, our archiving at Goodwood is incredibly streamlined, which de-risks us as a business, with all of our content backed up and ready to pull from whenever it's needed."

In pairing Wildmoka's robust media production and distribution platform with iconik's easy-to-use and cost-effective media management features, broadcasters, video publishers, and producers can configure live streams to be intelligently archived, with full metadata, into iconik for easy media asset management.  Within iconik, which integrates with any cloud or on-premise storage, users can organize and collaborate on their assets. Once ready, they can publish their stored content back into Wildmoka for further creative reutilization.

Key benefits of this integration include: 

  • Streamline your live-to-archive workflow. Connect iconik and Wildmoka to effortlessly store, access, and distribute valuable content. 
  • Create in Wildmoka, store and find in iconik, and distribute everywhere. Wildmoka lets users clip, edit, and publish from events in near real-time. Iconik archives these assets with synchronized metadata for easy future access and repurposing. 
  • Broaden your reach and monetize content across platforms without the headache of traditional archive systems.
  • Get creative: This isn't just a storage solution but a way to get inspirational with content. Make the most out of clips with Wildmoka by repurposing them to tell new stories.

“We are really excited to bring this iconik-Wildmoka integration forward for our customers as it unleashes the full potential of iconik's collaborative media management and Wildmoka's hyper-distribution for broadcasters,” said Mike Szumlinski, Backlight's EVP of product. “The content velocity we have enabled for our customers means they can accelerate time to publish, get more views, and boost engagement across consumer touchpoints.”

Read more about the iconik x Wildmoka integration on our blog.

About Backlight

Backlight is a global media technology company that is dramatically improving every stage of the video and entertainment content lifecycle—from creation through monetization—with its award-winning, cloud-native SaaS products. Video-forward organizations partner with Backlight to solve their mission-critical business and operational challenges. Backlight's product lines—iconik, ftrack, cineSync, Gem, Celtx, Zype and Wildmoka—provide secure and efficient media management, narrative design, production tracking, creative collaboration, OTT, monetization and hyper-distribution. Backlight launched in 2021 and is backed by $200M in funding from growth-equity partner PSG.


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