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Clip, edit, and restream content

Produce clips and highlight reels from any source and distribute them to any destination in any format, at speed and at scale.

Cloud-native Wildmoka Clip Studio empowers live content publishers and rights owners to maximize their audience reach and viewer experience by delivering the right story in the right format, at the right time.

Whether you produce 10 or 10,000 videos daily, Wildmoka Clip Studio scales as you need. Enjoy the simplicity of a browser-based editor that requires no software installation and lets you work from anywhere.

Trusted by leading global broadcasters and sports leagues, Wildmoka Clip Studio makes it easy to stay on top of every important event and get key moments in front of audiences in near-live time.

What can you do with Wildmoka Clip Studio?

Wildmoka Clip Studio includes everything you need to create and distribute at scale and speed.

Live stream management

Configure an unlimited number of sources. Schedule your events in advance or take advantage of our always-on recording feature to ensure you capture every important moment. Seamlessly integrate with external scheduling systems to streamline your workflow.

Clips creation

Create and publish clips from your live streams or archives at scale and at speed with no technical skills required. Leverage a feature-rich editor with key functionalities such as templates, branding and dynamic overlays, pre and post rolls, aspect ratio transformation, multi-language and audio track shifting, and more.

Compose reels

Keep the conversation going after the event with reels and highlights, like match summaries, best-of-game moments, or political debate mash-ups.

Live speech-to-text

Leverage our unique live speech-to-text to get instant high-quality subtitles from any live feeds or files. Conduct text-based editing to quickly cut video segments.

Vertical editing

Enable vertical content creation from dual ingest with clean and dirty feeds, to automated video tracking and to smart graphics adaptation from 16:9 to 9:16.

Automate with templates

Automate media creation with our template designer. From breaking news to press conferences to weather forecasts, save time and avoid errors.

Content analytics

Track your volume of production, number of views, and content performance across all distribution platforms through detailed dashboards.


Enhance your value chain by enabling seamless, frictionless workflows. Wildmoka Clip Studio integrates natively with key social media platforms and O&O apps, allowing direct publishing of clips and live streams. Access cloud or on-prem repositories, import custom metadata sidecar files, and seamlessly link broadcast and digital operations through diverse integrations.

Monetize your content

Tailor your monetization strategy to align with audience preferences and platform specifics by integrating overlays, pre-rolls, and ad-insertion triggers, seamlessly blending ads with your content. Leverage social media platforms to activate monetization. 


Learn how NBC Sports and Ryder Cup delivered compelling content at speeds “once believed to be nearly impossible” with Wildmoka Clip Studio.

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