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Broadcast operators

Optimize reach and revenue, enhance workflow efficiencies, and foster operational agility with Backlight’s software solutions. Industry-tested and approved by broadcasters around the world.

Broadcasters can expand content production in volume and variety, explore new avenues for monetization, and remain at the forefront of the constantly evolving digital landscape.


Iconik is a versatile, hybrid-cloud media management and collaboration hub transforming how media-rich teams manage and interact with digital assets. Via a flexible platform for managing media across cloud and on-premise storage, AI-enhanced asset discoverability, and seamless collaboration, iconik connects people with their media.

Wildmoka Clip Studio

Capture exciting moments from live programs. Deliver instantly to a wide audience. Wildmoka Clip Studio allows you to make the most of the commercial value of your owned content by creating clips and highlight reels from live feeds without technical skills.

Backlight Live Studio

Create and repurpose, multi-stream, and monetize your live events. Backlight Live Studio is your cloud control room for live sports, pop-up channels, or recurring streaming events, simplifying the scheduling, creation, and monetization of your live events across every platform.

Zype Playout

Build & monetize linear TV with Zype Playout. Drag-and-drop programming of live or on-demand videos into linear streams for distribution across broadcast and digital platforms.

Zype Streaming Platform

Manage, monetize, and distribute video across web-based platforms. Zype Streaming Platform is a cloud-based online video platform with a built-in CMS, CRM, embeddable HTML5 video player, tools for encoding, distribution to web-based platforms, and consumer and content analytics.
Create and distribute digital contentGrow content production in volume and variety. Leverage live content with quick turnaround tools to create audience-centric clips, stories, highlights and live broadcasts
Reach your audience where they areCreate new and innovative content that engages a broad audience. Distribute vertical, branded content across Web, Mobile, OTT, Connected Devices and FAST Platforms
Get more out of your existing contentLeverage content to innovate in monetization. From sponsored posts on social to subscription-based O&O platforms and dynamic ad insertion
Remove frictions in your digital workflowsStreamline content access for multiple teams into a unified, easily searchable system and integrate with an entire ecosystem of partners, from MAM to O&O platforms.


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