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Build and deploy powerful video solutions with Backlight’s robust set of software that supports the entire video lifecycle, from pre- to post-production.

Developers can leverage our powerful infrastructure, APIs, and tools to help build production pipelines, launch awesome video apps, and create unforgettable experiences.


Iconik is a versatile, hybrid-cloud media management and collaboration hub transforming how media-rich teams manage and interact with digital assets. It’s also a robust development platform with a fully configurable, well-documented, and comprehensive API that can connect iconik to any media workflow. Indeed, it’s the same REST API the dev team uses to communicate with the back end of our integrations.


Ftrack is an Academy Award-winning collaboration platform for teams working on complex, high-volume creative projects. Its powerful API and automation focus can help you build powerful, flexible pipelines that meet the unique demands of any project or workflow in the dynamic creative industry.


Cinesync is the Academy Award and Emmy-winning collaboration platform that redefines what’s possible with media review. Renowned for bringing teams together in interactive sync for high-resolution reviews irrespective of location or bandwidth, cineSync transforms feedback into dynamic visual conversations where creative ideas can flow.

Backlight Gem

Backlight Gem is the narrative management solution for interactive storytelling. It’s also the only writing solution of its kind with a bi-directional REST API, empowering you to integrate your writing process into any game development tool or process and embed narrative considerations into every aspect of game development.

Backlight Live Studio

Create and repurpose, multi-stream, and monetize your live events. Live Studio is your cloud control room for live sports, pop-up channels, or recurring streaming events, simplifying the scheduling, creation, and monetization of your live events across every platform.

Wildmoka Clip Studio

Capture exciting moments from live programs. Deliver instantly to a wide audience. Wildmoka Clip Studio allows you to make the most of the commercial value of your owned content by creating clips and highlight reels from live feeds without technical skills.

Zype Streaming Platform

Manage, monetize, and distribute video across web-based platforms. Zype Streaming Platform is a cloud-based online video platform with a built-in CMS, CRM, embeddable HTML5 video player, tools for encoding, distribution to web-based platforms, and consumer and content analytics.

Zype Playout

Build & monetize linear TV with Zype Playout. Drag-and-drop programming of live or on-demand videos into linear streams for distribution across broadcast and digital platforms.

Zype Apps Creator

Easily build high-quality streaming apps. Zype Streaming Playform and Apps Creator provide an end-to-end solution to manage, distribute, and monetize OTT video.

Maximize your creative workflow

See how Backlight can help streamline media management, production tracking, and creative collaboration.