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Media review & approval

Foster creative collaboration with Backlight’s comprehensive suite of solutions. Everything required for project success is at your fingertips.


Iconik is a versatile, hybrid-cloud media management and collaboration hub that empowers you to manage media across on-premise and cloud storage. Iconik differentiates itself from traditional MAMs by empowering users to perform formal review and approval processes on media with others within the same application they use to manage their media. Replace messy email threads with focused collaboration.
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cineSync is the Academy Award and Emmy-winning collaboration platform that redefines what’s possible with media review. 

Renowned for bringing teams together in interactive sync for high-res reviews on original media, cineSync transforms feedback into dynamic visual conversations where creative ideas can flow.
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ftrack Review

ftrack Review is a cloud-based media review and approval platform with real-time, synchronized collaboration. ftrack Review simplifies shot reviews, dailies, and more, fostering clear feedback and efficient project management.


See how cineSync keeps Image Engine connected on Moon Knight

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Streamline media review and approval

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