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Tell great stories with Backlight’s scriptwriting and pre-production tools. Designed for seamless collaboration, our software solutions make the scriptwriting, story development, and production processes a more enjoyable and creative experience.


Celtx is the industry standard for script writing software. Format your script professionally with multi-format script editors for film & TV, theater, documentaries, and other media. Celtx will automatically format your script to industry standards so you can pitch it like a pro or take your script further with the Celtx Studio.

Backlight Gem

Backlight Gem is the narrative management solution for interactive storytelling. If you want to tell a more complex story, Backlight Gem empowers you with intuitive scriptwriting and scalable narrative design tools for branching stories. Backlight Gem truly places storytelling at the heart of interactive narratives and game design.
Unleash your creativity
Craft narratives that captivate, whether charged with emotion, brimming with humor, or layered with complexity. Our solutions are designed to let your creative spirit shine – we manage the admin so you can focus on being creative.
Writing and production, integrated
Transform your script into a blueprint for production. As you bring your story to life, simultaneously lay the groundwork for production plans or build automatic data models that translate your words into actionable insights for production.
From script to screen
No matter the medium – whether you're envisioning the next streaming drama hit or crafting a complex, branching narrative for an interactive role-playing game – we provide the solutions to script your vision effectively.


See how Howard University Film Organization uses Backlight to produce the Afrosurreal Anthology Series

Tell great stories

See how you can transform your great idea into a production-ready script.