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Produce, monetize, and distribute live streams

For live sports, pop-up channels, or recurring streaming events, Backlight Live Studio is your cloud control room, simplifying scheduling, creation, and monetization of your live events across every platform.

Backlight Live Studio is specifically designed to address the challenges of stream adaptation for digital multi-distribution. Create live pop-up channels from any source, integrate with third-party graphics and user engagement partners, and distribute to multiple destinations such as social media platforms, O&O operated apps and portals, media partners.

Add live streaming and pop-up channel creation to your digital strategy to reach your audience on multiple platforms and create new revenue streams with monetization capabilities.

What can you do with Backlight Live Studio?

Backlight Live Studio includes everything you need to create, repurpose, multi-stream, and monetize your live events.

Zero-latency, frame-accurate switching

Maintain full control of what’s on air with zero-latency frame-accurate switching between feeds.

Seamless live production

Tailor existing live streams, or create new ones, from multiple live sources, clips, dynamic graphics, and images. Create and reuse production templates in order to maximize your brand consistency and facilitate live operations.

Stream adaptation toolset

Mix multiple sources, add scenes with picture-in-picture and 2-box, and add slates and midrolls. Control audio independently from the video feed.


Enhance your streams and boost viewer engagement by integrating dynamic graphics overlays, sourced from top third-party graphic engines and audience interaction platforms, into your broadcasts.


Stream simultaneously to any digital destination to maximize reach through social platforms, O&O OTT and partners. Leverage Wildmoka's integrations with O&O solutions to manage the end-to-end stream lifecycle - from source acquisition to in-app experience.


Increase revenue by integrating sponsored slates and graphics, infusing promotional content into live streams. Utilize dynamic ad insertion with SCTE-35 for targeted advertising and Id3 tag to trigger user engagement sequences.

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