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Deliver the best in faith streaming content, live and on-demand with a unified solution

Grow your community beyond borders with sophisticated yet easy-to-use video infrastructure.

Are streaming challenges interfering with your outreach?

Disorganized Content
Your valuable content is scattered, costing you precious time and drowning you in disorganization.
Fragmented Audience
Your content struggles to reach audiences where they are, leading to missed relationships and potential revenue.
Wasted Resources
Too many hours are spent searching for media assets, risking productivity and efficiency as chaos reigns.

Better serve your followers with a unified platform to execute your content strategy

Backlight's solutions help you maximize content value, expand reach where your faithful audiences are watching, and strengthen asset organization so you don't miss out on maximizing the impact of your outreach or waste precious time and money with disjointed media workflows.

Simplified content management

Our simple and intuitive streaming platform is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to manage, organize, and monetize your content.

Drive support with donations, not ads

Raise money to support your organization and cover costs without ads. Enable your members to donate via subscriptions, pay-per-view events, and more. You keep 100% of donations.

Connect with your community on the go

Broadcast live events on any device, multicast to social platforms, schedule live events ahead of time, and automatically archive so viewers who missed can watch on-demand.

Your step-by-step plan for faith content success

Remove frictions in your digital workflows
Streamline content access for multiple teams using a unified, easily searchable system and seamlessly integrate with an entire ecosystem of technology partners to extend your workflows.
Create and Distribute Digital Content
Grow content production in volume and variety. Leverage live content with quick turnaround tools to create audience-centric clips, stories, highlights, and live broadcasts. Easily monetize existing content with sponsored posts on social, subscription-based O&O platforms or ad-supported streaming with dynamic ad insertion.
Reach Your Audience Where They Are
Create new and innovative content experiences that engage a broad audience, delivered in the right formats for quality streaming. Distribute vertical, branded content across Web, Mobile, OTT, Connected Devices, and FAST platforms.

Trusted by faith-based organizations everywhere


Faith organizations need solutions that bring agility to their digital content strategy with new content production and distribution models.

At Backlight, we recognize your desire to spread your message to a global audience, but we understand the concerns about lacking an efficient workflow to achieve this quickly and effectively. 

You aim to provide spiritually enriching experiences, from impactful moments to daily insights that form the foundation of your audience's day. To accomplish this, you require a comprehensive solution for seamlessly producing live events, managing your assets, and distributing your content. 

The challenge lies in the disorganization of your content and the fragmentation of your audience, leading to potential confusion, inefficiencies, and time constraints.

We’re confident that there is a better way of handling vast amounts of faith-based content and delivering it to audiences precisely when they are receptive, regardless of location. 

Having experienced the chaos associated with managing deep libraries of faith-based media assets, many organizations have chosen to partner with us over the years.

Here's how we'll help you do it:

  1. Remove friction in your digital workflows and streamline content access for multiple teams.
  2. Create and distribute digital content and easily monetize it.
  3. Reach your audience where they are with new and innovative content experiences.

Schedule a demo with us and then explore uplifting testimonials from other faith-based organizations. It's time to transcend the fragmented state of content chaos and emerge as a master of media management and global distribution.

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