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Redefine media review, project management, and collaboration with a unified solution

Empower teams to collaborate and create their best work with streamlined media management and powerful production tracking

How are inefficient review and asset management affecting you?

Compromised Quality
Relying solely on browser-based review tools can deteriorate media quality through issues like stuttering visuals, artifacts, and sync delays. Many review tools don’t offer real-time, synchronized feedback, which results in suboptimal feedback and misunderstandings and ultimately compromises the quality of the final output.
Security Risks
If you're not keeping security in mind when addressing storage, you are setting yourself up for risks like potential data breaches and media leaks, which pose a significant threat to operations and reputation.
Limited Collaboration
Efforts to coordinate across diverse, sometimes remote, teams become challenging, impeding the creative pace. Communication gaps and misunderstandings within teams, particularly in distributed setups, contribute to a limited collaborative environment, hindering the overall efficiency of the workflow.
Inefficient Workflow
When you need to integrate with other software and can’t, it can cause inefficiencies and missed opportunities. The lack of integration with other industry-standard tools makes the production and review process cumbersome, time-consuming, and siloed from the overall creative experience, necessitating manual workarounds. This, in turn, increases administrative overhead and may result in unaddressed feedback, further exacerbating workflow inefficiencies.

A unified platform to execute your strategy

Backlight's solutions help you maximize content value, expand reach where audiences are watching, and strengthen asset organization so you don't miss out on maximizing profits or waste precious time and money with disjointed media workflows.

Your step-by-step plan for studio success

Remove frictions in your digital workflows
Streamline content access for multiple teams into a unified, easily searchable system and integrate with an entire ecosystem of partners, from MAM to O&O platforms.
Streamline reviews and approval
Simplify media review and approval with teammates and clients, and give feedback with real-time interactive synchronization.
Perfect production tracking
Get complete end-to-end management of creative projects with multiple teams with planning & scheduling, team management, production tracking, and interactive media review tools.
Make reviews more accessible
Go beyond the constraints of web-based reviews with synchronized remote collaboration and interactive desktop review on sensitive assets with vendors and clients.

Trusted by studios everywhere


Studios need solutions that bring agility to their production with collaborative review and approval tools and smart asset management.

At Backlight, we know that you want to master the production process, ensuring projects run smoothly and result in deliverables that wow clients. To do that, a unified solution for asset/media management and production tracking can help you achieve that by streamlining production and giving your artist more scope to get creative.

When you’re not optimized for remote collaboration and resource-intensive operations, you can experience costly mistakes, delays in production, and reduced project quality.

We believe there’s a better way to manage the production pipeline and keep assets organized and accessible.

We understand what success looks like in production, which is why so many studios have been working with us for years and with great success. 

So, book a demo. And in the meantime, read our inspiring customer stories. So you can stop living with compromised quality, security concerns, limited collaboration, and inefficient workflows and start collaborating and producing like never before.


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