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Our story

Today there is more video being produced and consumed than ever before. Video content is on more screens, being leveraged across more industries and reaching more people. And with the opportunity presented by mass consumption comes mass frustration if teams don’t have the right technology to enable fluid inspiration, collaboration, and distribution.

This is why we created Backlight. The power of storytelling starts with empowering content owners and producers and we believe that they need not just one solution for quality video content, but many and at different points along their journey. We are a company built from award-winning software solutions that solve pain points at every stage of the video content lifecycle—ideation, production, post production, distribution and analysis. Our products were created by ingenious innovators who set out to solve real market and customer needs. They are also driven by an inherent passion and a trust between the products and their users.

Backlight backs creatives, media technologists and video visionaries so they can focus on moving ideas and inspiration forward.

Meet the team

Kathleen Barrett


Benjamin Desbois


Mike Green


Brian Rogers


Mike Szumlinski


Thomas Menguy
Mikael Wahlberg

EVP, Engineering

Join our team!

At Backlight, we provide software that empowers creativity and collaboration throughout the video value chain. We share a culture of mutual trust and respect, inclusivity, and a passion for making an impact in the lives of our customers. We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team!