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Tell powerful interactive stories with a narrative management solution

Your interactive experience deserves better than a spreadsheet. Whether developing a complex RPG, commentary for a sports game, dialogue wheels, or contextual barks – you have a story to tell and want to break down the boundaries between departments, Backlight can help.

How much is your disorganized narrative costing you?

Lack of narrative clarity
You grapple with narrative clarity as you navigate complex and non-linear narratives and weave multiple story arcs. Writers find it daunting to capture the depth and nuances of interactive storytelling. Keeping narrative elements synchronized with evolving game mechanics and design changes results in narrative dissonance.
Lack of scalability and flexibility
Spreadsheet and word processor limitations hinder scalability, and you struggle to create adaptive narratives, like those for RPGs, involving multiple characters and branching pathways. Adaptability issues arise as changes made upstream in narrative data become challenging to track and update in core documentation, causing inconsistencies. 
Inefficient collaboration
Disparate tools and siloed workflows impede production, hindering effective teamwork and communication among narrative designers. Accessing, reviewing, and providing feedback on creative content becomes a challenge for internal and external stakeholders. Engineers and technicians face challenges integrating creative output into essential development tools, leading to delays and inefficiencies.

A unified platform to execute your narrative management

Your step-by-step plan for game success

Unify the Narrative Process
Centralize your narrative efforts within Gem with a single, unified space in which stories can be planned, written, and managed throughout the development cycle. Arm writers with the tools that feel familiar while also laying the groundwork for complex narratives with unlimited scale.
Streamline developer collaboration
Utilize Gem's collaboration tools to foster improved alignment and feedback among everyone involved in the storytelling process, breaking down silos and enhancing teamwork. 
Develop efficiently
Integrate Gem into your development pipelines to bring narrative design into the game development process, enhancing overall efficiency and game quality.
Manage the complexities of VO and LOC pipelines
Work in a centralized system to build a data model of your script and manage writing, VO, and LOC side-by-side.
Elevate player experience
Create captivating, adaptive narratives that players will love and want to return to time and time again, replayability, and overall satisfaction.

Trusted by writers and developers


Game studios need solutions that bring agility to their narrative workflows.

At Backlight, we recognize that you aspire to tell amazing,  immersive interactive stories that captivate audiences. The challenge lies in managing intricate storylines, collaborating seamlessly across departments, and integrating narratives into the dynamic game development pipeline. To achieve this, you need more than just conventional writing tools and spreadsheets; you need a narrative management solution that empowers you to conquer the complexities of game development. Conventional screenwriting tools, spreadsheets, game design documents, collaborative boards, and other solutions don't always work – but a narrative management solution tailored to soothing the complexity of game development can help.

That's where Backlight Gem steps in. We understand your struggles – from inefficient narrative management to creative compromises. We know that maintaining narrative integrity amidst the chaos of game development requires a unified and collaborative approach.

By adopting Backlight Gem, you'll conquer inefficiency and confusion in narrative management and ensure a harmonious blend of creativity, collaboration, and efficiency. 

Backlight Gem is a powerful narrative management solution that puts your story at the heart of game design.

Book a demo now and embark on a journey to master narrative management in your game’s development. In the meantime, explore our inspiring customer stories to witness Backlight Gem's transformative impact on others in the industry.

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