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Creative professionals

Prepare to simplify media management, enhance production tracking, and foster creative collaboration. Backlight delivers software solutions tailored to the unique demands of professionals in film, TV, gaming, and advertising.

Spanning from pre-production to post-production, our solutions empower teams to bring their visions to life, supporting your creativity while ensuring timely delivery and budget efficiency.


Iconik is a versatile, hybrid-cloud media management and collaboration hub transforming how media-rich teams manage and interact with digital assets. Iconik connects people with their media via a flexible platform for managing media across cloud and on-premise storage, AI-enhanced asset discoverability, and seamless collaboration.


Ftrack offers everything you need for project success. Deliver on deadline with production tracking, shot management, and media review platform. Ftrack is the Academy Award-winning solution that puts media at the center of collaboration alongside high-quality interactive media reviews with clients, powerful forecasting tools, and custom pipeline development.

Ftrack Review

Ftrack Review is a cloud-based media review and approval platform with real-time, synchronized collaboration. Ftrack Review simplifies shot reviews, dailies, and more, fostering clear feedback and efficient project management.


Celtx is the industry standard for script writing software. Format your script professionally with multi-format script editors for film & TV, theater, documentaries, and other media. Celtx will automatically format your script to industry standards so you can pitch it like a pro or take your script further with the Celtx Studio.

Backlight Gem

Backlight Gem is the narrative management solution for interactive storytelling. Backlight Gem empowers game devs with intuitive scriptwriting and scalable narrative design tools, and builds data models that can serve as the basis for VO. Backlight Gem truly places storytelling at the heart of game design.


cineSync is the Academy Award and Emmy-winning platform that redefines media review by enabling high-resolution playback and interactive collaboration, regardless of location or bandwidth. cineSync transforms feedback into dynamic visual conversations where creative ideas can flow.
Focus on creativity and qualityBacklight’s solutions make admin and collaboration simple, so your team can dedicate more time to what they do best: crafting exceptional work.
Elevate efficiency and productivityFrom asset management to production tracking and media review, our tools facilitate faster, more cohesive workflows, meaning your teams can work faster and connect more closely – wherever they’re based.
Adaptive solutions for dynamic projectsBacklight’s flexible cloud-based solutions are designed to scale. So, if your creative projects shift in scope, our solutions scale in tandem, and you can easily shift to manage the workload.
Create without breaking the bankWith our tools powering your production, there’ll be fewer mistakes, quicker iterations, and a leaner operational overhead. After all, financial constraints shouldn’t stifle your creative vision.


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See how Backlight can help streamline media management, production tracking, and creative collaboration.