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Empower your team to craft a captivating brand engagement journey

Backlight provides an integrated solution that unlocks your ability to collaborate with your clients and create content with increased speed and satisfaction.

Are you being held back from creating memorable brand experiences and delivering work clients will love?

Disorganized Assets
Your valuable content is scattered, costing you precious time and drowning you in disorganization, making the creative process feel overwhelming rather than enjoyable and affecting your ability to scale. Clients also lack confidence in the security of their assets.
Wasted Resources
Too many hours are spent searching for media assets, risking productivity and efficiency as chaos reigns.
Struggle to collaborate remotely
Without a collaborative hub for your remote team, facilitating smooth communication and workflow management, team members can't easily share and exchange assets, have to use cumbersome file transfer methods, and don't have version control for seamless tracking and management of asset revisions. This all means errors, redundancies, and missed deadlines.

A unified platform to execute your brand and marketing strategy

Backlight's solutions help you maximize content value, expand reach where audiences are watching, and strengthen asset organization so you don't miss out on maximizing profits or waste precious time and money with disjointed media workflows.

Your step-by-step plan for brand content success

Unify access to content and get ready to scale
Streamline content from multiple sources into a unified, easily searchable system across any storage, cloud, or on-prem, with robust event management and advanced indexing.
Expand your team’s ability to create content
Grow content production in volume and variety. Leverage quick turnaround tools to create audience-centric clips, stories, highlights, and live streams for social media and other digital channels. Help teams connect with clients and get work signed off faster.
Maximize scalability
Media management at Backlight can scale with business needs, allowing agencies to integrate new assets, users, and workflows as they expand and bring on new clients. Clipping tools powered by AI allow teams to create more content faster with the resources they have.

Trusted by marketing teams and advertisers everywhere


Brand marketing teams and agencies want to craft a captivating brand engagement journey that expands the client base and maximizes revenue potential.

Connecting with new audiences, increasing engagement, and capitalizing on various channels for monetization is key.

However, a potential difficulty looms in the struggle to access and engage with content effectively. Clients are scattered across diverse digital platforms, hindering a cohesive connection without a multi-channel strategy. The urgency to create content swiftly adds pressure, potentially impeding the ability to connect meaningfully with audiences.

Manual workflows prove sluggish, and the aspiration to reach new and existing audiences on digital platforms adds complexity.

Teams feel hectic, under-resourced, and frustrated due to inefficient workflows and content management issues. Clients lose confidence and churn.

There’s a more efficient and effective solution for connecting with clients, managing content, engaging audiences, and maximizing scalability. Backlight has a proven track record of successfully assisting brand marketing teams and agencies to manage and create more content faster and optimize monetization.

Backlight’s unified solution helps remove frictions in digital workflows, streamline content access for multiple teams into a unified, easily searchable system, and integrate seamlessly with an entire ecosystem of partners. This includes enhancing content production in volume and variety, leveraging live content with quick turnaround tools, generating new and innovative content, and maximizing the potential of existing content for innovative monetization strategies.

So, book a demo to experience firsthand how our platform can revolutionize brand content.

Get ready to experience better workflows, faster content production, and streamlined distribution. And never again worry about unengaged audiences, losing out to faster competitors, and missing valuable revenue opportunities.


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