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Get ready to optimize reach, boost content production, and get more eyes on your work than ever before.

Whether capturing exciting live events and distributing in near-live time to multiple channels or leveraging your video library to create fresh and engaging repurposed content, Backlight’s software solutions help you automate, collaborate, and help you to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


Iconik is a versatile, hybrid-cloud media management and collaboration hub that can transform how you manage and access your digital assets. With AI-enhanced asset discoverability, collaboration, media review, and the ability to quickly find and share assets across any storage – cloud or on-prem – it’s a powerful solution for marketing production.

Wildmoka Clip Studio

Capture exciting moments from live programs. Deliver instantly to a wide audience. Wildmoka Clip Studio allows you to make the most of the commercial value of your owned content by creating clips and highlight reels from live feeds without technical skills.

Zype Streaming Platform

Manage, monetize, and distribute video across web-based platforms. Zype Streaming Platform is a cloud-based online video platform with a built-in CMS, CRM, embeddable HTML5 video player, tools for encoding, distribution to web-based platforms, and consumer and content analytics.
Amplify your message with precision and impactBacklight’s solutions enable you to revolutionize how you manage, distribute, and monetize your video content across today’s fragmented digital landscape – ideal for energizing product launches or sharing events highlights to capture widespread attention.
Unleash creative potential across your teamsSimplify admin tasks and foster collaboration, allowing your creative teams to concentrate on producing exceptional work. Our tools are designed to remove complexity, letting creativity and quality take center stage in every project.
Expand audience reach and enhance brand awarenessGet more eyes on your work and elevate your brand’s profile. Our tools ensure your work captivates and resonates with a wider audience, amplifying your market presence.
Build ROIWith Backlight’s cost-effective solutions in your toolbelt, you’ll be empowered to optimize production and distribution and build ROI greater than your marketing budget.


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