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Manage your video across every channel

Expand your O&O strategy, engage your audience, monetize your content with Zype Streaming Platform.

Zype Streaming Platform is all-in-one CMS and CRM that provides you with the tools you need to store, manage, monetize, and deliver video across owned-and-operated platforms.

It’s designed to be open and connects with your media supply chain and ecosystem of media partners. Zype Streaming Platform combines gracefully with the other Backlight solutions: live clipping, event orchestration, and Playout to enable a unified content strategy.

What can you do with Zype Streaming Platform?

Zype Streaming Platform includes everything you need to distribute video and manage audiences.

Manage your valuable assets

Organize your asset library. Easily import from MRSS feeds or cloud or on-prem repositories. The integration with Backlight's asset management and collaboration solution, iconik, enables a seamless asset aggregation pipeline with connectors to any source of content.

Curate content and fine tune your exposition strategy

Keep your audience engaged with fresh content through dynamically created playlists. Metadata-based playlists allows you to expose your content in the ways that makes most sense to your audience.

Live events on your O&O platforms

Combine with our event management and hyper-distribution solution, Live Studio, to produce live streams and distribute them to digital platforms.

Monetize video and audience across platforms

Access a powerful CRM for audience and monetization management that supports AVOD, SVOD, TVOD or hybrid monetization models, and third-party payment solutions.

Manage your audience

Leverage tools for customer data management, including subscriber authentication, entitlements, paywalls, payment processors and mobile and TV marketplace integrations, lead capture, and per viewer analytics.

Analyze content performance

Leverage consumer and device-level analytics to optimize your engagement and monetization strategy.

Integrations marketplace

Leverage a comprehensive integration marketplace, enabling frictionless connection with complementary tech partners.

Zype Apps Creator

Use the Zype Streaming Platform to power Zype Apps Creator and deliver your video into the hands of consumers through no-code streaming applications for web, mobile, or CTV experiences.


Harness an API-driven infrastructure enabling developers to build custom experiences and integrations with third parties.

Video encoding

Multi-rendition, multi-output encoding and packaging for Video On-Demand, Live, and 24/7 Linear content.


Learn how Andrew Wommack Ministries grew its following with centralized video management.

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Manage and monetize your video content

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