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API-first development

Leverage our powerful infrastructure, APIs, and tools to create customized solutions.

What can you build?

By leveraging Backlight’s APIs, developers can automate tasks and workflows, expediting the entire development process and enabling rapid application deployment. This automation saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors, leading to higher-quality products.

APIs provide improved control over content curation, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate data and services from various sources into their applications.

Moreover, the ability to customize software and products using APIs enables organizations to tailor solutions to meet their requirements, resulting in more personalized and impactful user experiences.

Overall, APIs empower developers with the tools to streamline processes, enhance control, and create tailored solutions that drive innovation and success.

iconik's API

The iconik API and Webhooks provide a dynamic and adaptable platform for forward-thinking developers to leverage. Offering unparalleled flexibility, our customers are empowered to transcend the boundaries of the iconik API, enabling the creation of highly tailored and inventive solutions for their organizations by seamlessly integrating services and data from third-party sources.

Developers can execute any task achievable within the iconik UI, ensuring that the full spectrum of functionality is accessible through programmatic means, thus facilitating the realization of innovative and customized workflows.

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Ftrack's API

Ftrack’s API provides great flexibility and power while remaining approachable and intuitive. Whether you’re writing your very first script or an experienced software architect, you’ll find our API works how you need it to.

We’ve gone the extra mile by building in some of the features that developers have to continually implement in-house across different companies—features such as caching, support for custom pipeline extensions, and more—to make your life that little bit easier.

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Zype’s API

Zype offers a comprehensive open source API designed to be the complete developer toolkit for crafting and launching exceptional video streaming products.

With our robust developer tools, users can accelerate their time to market by tapping into a suite of resources tailored to simplify the build and deployment process.

By harnessing our powerful infrastructure, APIs, and tools like webhooks, templates, SDKs and plugins, developers gain the leverage to create and deploy outstanding video applications and experiences, ensuring a seamless journey from development to delivery.

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Gem’s API

Gem' pioneering bi-directional RESTful API enable Gem to meld into existing development workflows, making Gem an essential bridge between narrative design and other development tools and aligning narrative elements with the game's broader aspects throughout its development lifecycle.

Every component of a script in Gem comes with a dedicated endpoint, giving users full control over what they extract and where it goes. Working off these endpoints, the REST API can facilitate updates and script manipulations across the development pipeline, enabling developers to automate and customize processes and vastly reduce the repetitive/tedious side of narrative design. 

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