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Content owners & distributors

Maximize the ROI of your content with a unified solution for management, production, and distribution

Get your content to audiences wherever they’re watching, quickly and efficiently, and monetize with ease thanks to cutting-edge software solutions tailor-made to maximize the value of your content rights.

What’s keeping you from getting the most value from your content?

Disorganized Assets
Your valuable content is scattered, costing you precious time and drowning you in disorganization.
Fragmented Audience
Your content struggles to reach audiences where they are, leading to missed relationships and potential revenue.
Inefficient Monetization
You've got a deep library of content, but don't have the right tools to implement effective cross-platform monetization strategies.

A unified platform to execute your video content strategy

Backlight's solutions help you maximize content value, expand reach where audiences are watching, and strengthen asset organization so you don't miss out on maximizing profits or waste precious time and money with disjointed media workflows.

Your step-by-step plan for content distribution success

Remove frictions in your digital workflows
Streamline content access for multiple teams using a unified, easily searchable system and seamlessly integrate with an entire ecosystem of technology partners to extend your workflows.
Create and Distribute Digital Content
Grow content production in volume and variety. Leverage live content with quick turnaround tools to create audience-centric clips, stories, highlights, and live broadcasts. Easily monetize existing content with sponsored posts on social, subscription-based O&O platforms or ad-supported streaming with dynamic ad insertion.
Reach Your Audience Where They Are
Create new and innovative content experiences that engage a broad audience, delivered in the right formats for quality streaming. Distribute vertical, branded content across Web, Mobile, OTT, Connected Devices, and FAST platforms.

Trusted by content owners and distributors everywhere


Content owners and distributors need solutions that bring agility to their digital content strategy with new content production, distribution, and monetization models.

The desire is clear in content ownership and distribution: to orchestrate captivating and seamless content experiences that transcend platforms, maximizing reach and revenue.

However, most teams struggle to access and engage with content effectively, as audiences are scattered across various digital platforms, hindering a cohesive connection without a comprehensive multi-channel strategy. The urgency to create content swiftly adds pressure, potentially impeding the establishment of meaningful connections with viewers.

Manual workflows prove sluggish, and the aspiration to reach new and existing audiences on digital platforms adds complexity to the equation. Due to inefficient workflows and content management challenges, teams may feel chaotic, under-resourced, and frustrated.

A more efficient and effective way to manage content, engage audiences, and maximize revenue streams exists. Backlight has a proven track record of successfully assisting content owners and distributors to create more content faster and optimize monetization.

We’ll help you remove frictions in digital workflows, streamline content access for multiple teams into a unified, easily searchable system, and integrate seamlessly with an entire ecosystem of partners. And enhance content production in volume and variety, leveraging live content with quick turnaround tools, generating new and innovative content, and maximizing the potential of existing content for innovative monetization strategies.

Book a demo to experience firsthand how our platform can revolutionize content distribution. Then, read a case study or download a whitepaper to understand the tangible benefits others have gained.

Get ready for better workflows, faster content production, and streamlined distribution. 


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