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Redefining media review

cineSync is the Academy Award and Emmy-winning platform that redefines media review by enabling high-resolution playback and interactive collaboration, regardless of location or bandwidth.

“cineSync is a very efficient way of working. It’s all focused communication on exactly that show you’re working on and what’s in the frame – and there’s no time wasted driving across town.”
Christopher NolanDirector
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Where ideas are born

Go beyond asynchronous feedback. cineSync transforms media review into a creative, collaborative experience for interactive feedback and idea generation, where all participants can play, pause, annotate, and discuss media in sync. 

Immersive, synchronized review
Share your vision in real-time sync. Everyone sees the same frame at the same time.
A visual conversation
Clarify complex instructions and generate ideas in real-time with your collaborators.
Draw feedback right on the frame
Have a dynamic visual conversation with frame-specific annotations – not a back-and-forth.

A place where ideas are born and vision can be shared

cineSync goes beyond asynchronous feedback, transforming media review into a creative, collaborative experience with real-time synchronization for interactive feedback and idea generation.
  • Share your vision with immersive synchronized review: Experience the unity of being in the same room with cineSync's real-time synchronization, enabling all participants to play, pause, annotate, and discuss media in sync.
  • A visual conversation – not a back-and-forth: Facilitate high-quality, guided live discussions, clarify complex instructions, and generate ideas in real-time with clients and colleagues.
  • Draw your feedback right on the frame: Transform your media reviews into dynamic visual conversations with cineSync's comprehensive, frame-specific annotation tools and Wacom support.

Unmatched precision and visual fidelity

Elevate media review with ultra-high quality, color accurate playback of original media, directly from your local machine - handling flawless 4K and 60fps, all free from distortion, lag, buffering or color shifts

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Professional-grade media playback and color tools

The only interactive review solution that offers industry-grade color tools, high-res, and HDR support, and integrations with modern industry standards like OpenColorIO and OpenTimelineIO – all in one package.
Color grading cineSync 2024

Built for reliability

Unlike browser-based or streaming apps, cineSync guarantees high-quality playback and sync, even with low bandwidth. It’s all solid collaboration without the risk of communication breakdown.

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“cineSync was instrumental when reviewing work and brainstorming ideas on Nope. The tools are quick and simple, and it's easy to sketch things on top of full-quality media.”
Guillaume RocheronVFX Supervisor
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Uncompromisingly secure

cineSync is unmatched in secure remote collaboration. Unlike cloud-based alternatives,
with cineSync, your media stays under lock and key.

Your media, your control
All media in cineSync is local to the machines in the review – your content never touches third-party servers or platforms.
Security beyond the basic
256-bit encryption for sync commands and transfers, plus the ability to auto-delete media from collaborators post-session.
Your stamp on security
Customizable watermarking means your intellectual property cannot be used without proper attribution.

Connect your creative team

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Integrations to ensure
no feedback is missed

cineSync integrates with leading production and media management tools to ensure
your content is in reach and all review feedback is tracked.
  • Production Tracking
  • File Transfer
  • Media Management
cineSync integrates smoothly with collaboration platforms like ftrack Studio and ShotGrid, ensuring no feedback is ever missed in modern production workflows.
cineSync's file transfer feature, combined with integrations like AWS, ensures easy, secure media sharing across all review participants.
Manage your media across any storage in iconik, then easily open it in cineSync for high-end, high-quality media review.
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The impact of cineSync


Excellence in quality control

Elevate your project's excellence with superior quality. Minimize revisions and achieve a remarkable standard, ensuring every detail is precisely as envisioned.

Unleash creative synergy

Ignite a creative revolution – transform routine reviews into dynamic, interactive brainstorming hubs that birth innovative ideas.

Empower your business

Streamline project management, unlock substantial cost efficiencies, and foster robust client trust, paving the way for your next big project.

Experience the most powerful review tool available today