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From enrollment to e-learning, a unified solution to support the educational journey

Amplify the reach and engagement of your educational institution’s video content everywhere students are watching, and maximize students' engagement in learning how to plan and create video content.

Are you maximizing the educational experience?

Disorganized Assets
Your valuable content is dispersed, sapping your time and engulfing you in chaos. Similarly, students' work and assignments are disjointed and scattered.
Fragmented Viewership
Your content grapples to connect with students on their preferred platforms, resulting in missed opportunities for engagement and potential revenue. Engaging students in immersive learning experiences, particularly in scriptwriting and production planning, remains challenging.
Wasted Resources
Countless hours are squandered in the search for media assets, jeopardizing productivity and efficiency amid disorder. Tracking down student work, collecting assignments, and delivering feedback consumes significant time and resources.

A unified platform to execute your institution's video content strategy

Backlight's solutions help you maximize content value, expand reach where audiences are watching, and strengthen asset organization so you don't miss out on maximizing profits or waste precious time and money with disjointed media workflows.

Your step-by-step plan for educational video success

Remove friction in your digital workflows
Streamline content access for multiple teams using a unified, easily searchable system and seamlessly integrate with an entire ecosystem of technology partners to extend your workflows.
Create and Distribute Digital Content
Grow content production in volume and variety. Leverage live content with quick turnaround tools to create audience-centric clips, stories, highlights, and live broadcasts. 
Reach Students Where They Are
Create new and innovative content experiences that engage a broad audience, delivered in the right formats for quality streaming. Distribute vertical, branded content across Web, Mobile, OTT, Connected Devices, and FAST platforms.
Streamline Classroom Logistics
From brainstorming to breakdown, syllabus day to the stage, we’ve streamlined the heavy lifting of managing classroom logistics. With progress monitoring, privacy, collaboration, and admin tools built directly into the platform, you can focus on what really matters: your students and their stories.
Engage Through Learning
Celtx delivers the only plan with a shared studio designed for learning spaces. Students can share editable and read-only projects within your studio, provide workshop comments directly on peers’ scripts, revise in real time, and gain hands-on experience with industry-standard pre-production tools.

Trusted by educational institutions everywhere

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Educational institutions need solutions that help them deliver high-quality learning experiences and attract more students

K-12 and higher education institutions want to enhance online presence, engage new audiences, and generate new enrollments. Tech-savvy universities leverage innovative solutions to boost enrollment, market campaigns effectively, showcase athletic programs, and develop online learning portals and courses, seeking to maximize ROI on marketing efforts.

However, adapting to digital trends, complying with legal requirements, managing budgets efficiently, and ensuring seamless collaboration can be challenging.

There’s a better way to manage content, engage students, and maximize enrollment. We understand the struggles faced and are backed by a proven track record of helping educational institutions transform their content management and distribution.

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