Iconik x Wildmoka

Get content to market faster with integrated cloud-native media management & hyper-distribution

When speed and flexibility matter most, frictionless access to your media is critical.

The Wildmoka and iconik integration is a unified workflow solution that connects real-time clip creation, editing, and publishing through Wildmoka with accessible and cost-effective media management in iconik.

By combining Wildmoka's media production and hyper-distribution platform with iconik's accessible and cost-effective media asset management hub, the iconik x Wildmoka integration transforms how you can store, manage, access, and distribute content.

The iconik x Wildmoka integration has been a huge help to us at Goodwood, especially during Revival 2023.
We published almost 5,000 videos and 100 hours of branded video over just 36 hours, with 99% of those assets archived directly to iconik, which speaks volumes about the capabilities of this integration. With Wildmoka x iconik, our archiving at Goodwood is incredibly streamlined, which de-risks us as a business, with all of our content backed up and ready to pull from whenever it's needed.

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Create in Wildmoka, manage and search
with iconik, and distribute everywhere.

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Streamline your live-to-archive workflow.
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Broaden your reach and monetize
content across platforms.

What is Wildmoka?

Wildmoka is Backlight’s leading digital platform for media production, hyper-distribution, and content monetization. It offers powerful tools to broadcasters, sports organizations, and content creators for creating, distributing, and monetizing engaging video content across digital platforms. Wildmoka products enable customers to take advantage of:

  • Efficient Content Creation: Quickly create and customize video clips, streams, and reels for social media platforms
  • Streamlined Distribution: Easily distribute content simultaneously across multiple digital platforms
  • Real-time Clipping and Highlights: Create clips from live broadcasts in real-time for near-live distribution across digital
  • Monetization: Generate revenue through sponsorships or advertising using overlays, b-rolls, or ad insertion triggers

What is iconik?

iconik is a cloud-native media management hub that revolutionizes how businesses store, manage, and share digital assets. As a truly cloud-native platform, iconik enables users to organize media from any storage, enhance searchability with AI-powered metadata, and collaborate with media review, all from any device. iconik's unique "bring your own storage" approach removes the hassle of data transfers, and its flexible consumption-based pricing, with no minimums, makes it a top choice for leading creative organizations.

  • Bring your own storage: iconik’s cloud-native architecture integrates with both cloud and on-premise storage.
  • Creative media management: Oranize assets via a central hub, supercharged with AI-driven metadata.
  • Collaborative production: Unleash global collaboration with in-depth review and approval and sharing features.
  • Automate and extend: Create custom workflows using iconik’s API-first approach.
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Get Started with iconik x Wildmoka

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Accelerated Content Creation

iconik x Wildmoka remedies challenging content redistribution workflows. Easily find content in iconik, import it into Wildmoka's production platform, edit and distribute it, and then send new clips back into iconik for archive or reuse.

Shorter time
to market.

With your assets managed in iconik, your team works faster and smarter. Teams can search and retrieve what they need from iconik, then create, repurpose, and distribute content across multiple channels and platforms simultaneously to engage their target audience.

Content management,
not content overload.

Overwhelmed by live events, webinars, or sports matches? Iconik's smart search and organization features make sure you never lose track of all the assets you produce. It’s all available via one easily accessible interface. 

Save big,
scale easily.

Forget overpriced, rigid, traditional MAM. Iconik delivers more flexibility and greater scalability at a fraction of the cost, so media operations of any size can unlock the potential of their video content while scaling infrastructure when event coverage demands it.

Boundless creativity
and ideation.

This isn't just about storage and distribution; it’s about letting you get creative with your content. By making your iconik assets readily available in Wildmoka, you can remix, repurpose, and re-envision your brand in endless new ways. Your marketing team will thank you.

Interested in learning more? 

Have a Backlight team member schedule time to discuss how this integration can boost your creative workflows.