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What’s new in cineSync: A new iOS app and visual timeline

In the latest cineSync 5 update, we’ve introduced a new iOS app that allows you to join cineSync 5 review sessions on the go. The app features automatic file transfers, synchronized playback, and annotation. You can also benefit from a new visual timeline, and we’ve added the option of password-protected reviews for additional security.

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Chris McMahon06.06.242 min read
  • iOS App: cineSync on the Go: Join cineSync 5 review sessions from your iOS device, with synchronized playback, annotations, and playlist browsing.
  • Password-protected reviews: Add an optional password to your review session in addition to the unique session key.
  • Visual timeline: Easily navigate your session media with thumbnails, making it simple to identify and play specific sections.


Please note that these features are exclusive to cineSync 5.

See the full release notes and download the latest version of cineSync



iOS App: cineSync on the Go

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You can now download a brand new iOS app compatible with cineSync 5. The app lets you quickly jump into review sessions while on the move or away from your computer directly from your iOS device. Here's what you can do with the app:

✓ Join cineSync 5 review sessions as a guest.

✓ Play media files and draw annotations in sync with other participants.

✓ Browse the session playlist.

cineSync automatically transfers any files for review via its Flow Production Tracking, ftrack, iconik, AWS, and other integrated file transfer options. (cineSync Pro accounts only.)

For those moments when you can't access a desktop or laptop, our iOS app provides a convenient and accessible alternative.

Please note that the app is designed for review guests and cannot be used to create or host reviews.

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Password Protected Reviews: Security is our constant focus

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In addition to our unique, per-review Session Keys, file encryption, auto-deletion, and watermarking options, you can now also add a Password to any review.

Once a password is added, guests will need to know both the unique session key and the password to access reviews.



Visual timeline: See the bigger picture

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Navigating through your cineSync session media just got much easier with our new visual timeline. This feature displays thumbnails of the media being played, such as files, sequences, and OTIO sequences. This allows you to:

✓ View thumbnails throughout a single clip or across a sequence of clips.

✓ Quickly identify sections you want to play without scrubbing through the entire clip.

This makes it much simpler to pinpoint individual clips during sequence playback and review precisely what you need, enhancing your overall review experience.

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Other tweaks and improvements

Retain Flow Production Tracking list order: When importing a playlist from Flow Production Tracking, cineSync now retains the defined list order. This ensures that your carefully curated playlist maintains its intended sequence during reviews.

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Improved SFTP Download Speed: We've significantly enhanced the download speed for cineSync customers using the integrated SFTP file transfer feature. Faster transfers mean you can get to your review sessions without unnecessary delays.


See the full release notes and download the latest version of cineSync

Your experience with cineSync is our top priority, and we're always eager to hear your thoughts. Try out the new features, and let us know what you think!


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cineSync 5 is now production-ready! cineSync 5 is now the primary supported platform of cineSync. cineSync 5 offers a new and improved infrastructure for faster, more responsive reviews, though it is not backward compatible with cineSync 4. Upgrade now to enjoy enhanced features and a seamless creative workflow! Learn more about transitioning to cineSync 5.

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