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What’s new in Wildmoka

Wildmoka empowers live content publishers and rights owners to maximize their audience reach by delivering the right story in the right format, at the right time. With Wildmoka Clip Studio, editorial teams can produce clips and highlight reels from any source and distribute them to any destination in any format at speed and at scale. Read on to discover the latest updates in Wildmoka that will help you amplify the reach and impact of your near-live event content across every platform.

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Keara McCarthy05.31.242 min read

New in Wildmoka Clip Studio

Easier clip creation from live with speech-to-text & text-based editing

Wildmoka Clip Studio now supports automating frame-accurate speech-to-text and text-based editing for live feeds. Wildmoka previously supported speech-to-text transcription on VOD files, but with this update, live-speech-to-text transcription can be applied directly on the ingest of a live stream. 

Now users can increase the rate of clip production by quickly editing clips from live feeds based on text transcripts with the new text-based editing feature, which allows for the inclusion or exclusion of video segments based on speech audio elements. A search bar allows users to quickly search transcripts for specific words for faster editing. Additionally, closed captions can be created and re-edited based on the transcripts, and clips can be published as VOD with the closed captions either burned into the video or as a closed-caption sidecar file and sent to digital destinations. Languages supported include English, Spanish, and French. 

AI/LLM automated completion of your clip metadata

Helping to create efficiency in the turnaround of near-Live content from Live is what Wildmoka is all about. To expedite the distribution of valuable video, we’ve introduced the ability to automate the population of a video asset’s metadata fields. Use this new capability to quickly fill in suggestions for fields like Title, Description, or Tags. With one click, our tool conducts contextual analysis of a video’s associated closed captions, or speech-to-text output, and auto-populates a video’s descriptive metadata fields, enabling faster turnaround times and reducing time to publish.

Create vertical content from live and distribute at scale

Vertical viewing allows for immersive viewing experiences for fans streaming on mobile devices, a must-have for any broadcaster. With this new capability, Wildmoka users can create vertical viewing experiences on mobile that mimic the user experiences of popular platform formats like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube shorts. Beginning with source acquisition - such as a live game, an Owned & Operated TV channel, or user-generated content - users can now use Clip Studio to reframe live content into vertical formats and publish to O&O applications or third-party social media channels for broad distribution. By controlling the verticalization workflow with in-product tools, Wildmoka customers have tighter control over the editing and distribution of their vertical stories so they can create immersive mobile viewing experiences to engage fans.

Smart segmentation of live feeds for downstream distribution
Repurposing your live-streamed content for digital distribution downstream has never been easier. With Wildmoka’s new smart segmentation capability, Clip Studio users can automatically detect EPG, SCTE markers, or bumpers in live feeds and segment their feeds based on associated triggers. Once live broadcast feeds are segmented, Ads can easily be inserted or removed as needed for digital distribution to FAST platforms in near-live streams or VOD formats. 


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