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Get ready to elevate your media review experience. cineSync is free to download and install as a local player.

Experience the pinnacle of media review with cineSync

Latest update: 5.4.2 (3 June 2024)


  • iOS app 
  • Added ability to password protect reviews
  • Added new visual timeline, displaying thumbnails of files, sequences and OTIO sequences
  • Support for iconik domains
  • Ability to view annotations during playback (preference)
  • Buddy list now shows user status
  • Eye icon added to all Playlist views to indicate "currently viewing" 
  • Integrations menu updated from Shotgrid to Flow


  • Improved SFTP and FTPS transfer speeds
  • Frame sync in compare mode
  • Increased size of dropdown playlist menu so longer filenames are more visible
  • Added separate parameters so frame playback, OTIO, and video playback can have different cache sizes
  • UI fixes to collection tree in the iconik integration browser
  • When adding files to cineSync, multiple files can now be selected in file selection dialog box
  • Reworked fullscreen controls, adding more controls like colour grading, colour picker and line width
  • Colour range setting now persists
  • Performance of some ftrack API calls
  • Fullscreen mode no longer saved as a preference
  • The iconik integration browser now only shows active/available collections.
  • iconik URLs now refresh correctly and renew when added from a session file
  • Playlist added from ftrack now reflect live changes (add/delete media)
  • Playlist added from Flow now reflect live changes (add/delete media)
  • Playlist added from iconik Collection now reflect live changes (add/delete media)
  • Render optimisations
  • Open saved frame folder now opens latest review folder 


  • Flow playlist order maintained when added to cineSync
  • OCIO profiles not being set correctly when multiple files with different OCIO profiles are played in a sequence
  • Performance issue playing OTIOs with variable frame rates
  • Screen position not always maintained when resizing on a second display
  • Graphic corruption when dragging cineSync on second display, with a different resolution
  • Placeholder text not showing in light mode
  • Crash on startup when running on Enterprise version of Windows
  • Crash on exit if audio wave graphic generation thread was running

Even more features

Stay ahead with cineSync's innovative features designed to streamline your media review process.

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Beta versions

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Cinesync 4 (legacy)

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