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What’s New in iconik – Streamlining asset sharing and improving security

We're excited to introduce several new updates to iconik that simplify asset sharing with Default Sharing Settings and boost security for AWS S3 with IAM Roles. Dive in to discover what's new.

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Chris McMahon03.05.243 min read


  • Default Settings for Shares: Simplified Sharing Control for Admins
  • IAM Roles for S3 Storage: Stepping up security and ease of use
  • Improvements and enhancements: New roles for non-admins, simplified metadata conversion, and more

Welcome to the latest iconik update, where we continue to refine your experience, making it more straightforward, user-friendly, and secure.

Here's a snapshot of the key enhancements in our most recent update.

Default Settings for Shares: Simplified Sharing Control for Admins

We've introduced a new way to manage how users across your organization can share iconik assets.

Admins can now hop into the admin panel and set the domain-wide default options for sharing content. You’ll find everything you need to dictate the default settings for all shares across iconik, including who has the authority to modify these defaults. You can change settings such as whether or not users can allow downloads of assets or their proxies, whether they can allow uploads to a collection or view versions, and so on.

With this update, you can establish who gets to share what, ensuring every share aligns with your company’s policies on security and privacy. It’s all about making asset sharing consistent and worry-free, giving you peace of mind that everything shared meets your standards.

Stepping up Security with IAM Roles for S3 Storage

Great news for AWS users – we've enhanced the security and convenience of your iconik experience by introducing support for IAM role-based authentication for S3 storages and other AWS services. This new feature comes in addition to the traditional Access Key/Secret method, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your needs.

With IAM role-based authentication, you can give access to your storage to an IAM Role managed by iconik. This means there’s no need to handle or distribute access keys anymore. iconik takes care of credential management and key rotation for you, using temporary security credentials for the role session and connecting to your storage.

Supporting IAM roles streamlines your workflow by offering a more secure connection to AWS. However, it’s not just about keeping the bad actors out. IAM roles are particularly beneficial for those managing multiple AWS accounts, as it means there is no more need to worry about tracking and securing access keys. IAM roles simplify your AWS management, making your interactions with AWS services smoother and more secure, all while keeping your focus on what matters—your content.

Other updates

We’ve also added a few other smaller updates to this iconik release, including:

New roles for non-admins

Now, managing users and groups is more straightforward. We've added two new roles: "Can edit all users" and "Can edit all groups", which override ACL checks for specific users and groups. These roles allow designated team members to update user and group information as if they are admins without the need to manage complex access control settings.

Simplify metadata conversion

Handling metadata in cloud storage just got easier. When you import sidecar metadata files, you can now use a custom Lambda or Cloud function to adjust the metadata format automatically. This means no more manual formatting to ensure your files communicate well with our system.

Configurable color conversion settings for HDR video thumbnails

We've improved how HDR video thumbnails look. You can now customize color conversion settings, ensuring your thumbnails capture the vibrant quality of your videos. This upgrade makes every thumbnail pop.

You can see the whole list of tweaks and improvements in this latest release – as well as other recent updates – via iconik's release notes.

We look forward to hearing what you think about these updates. Your feedback helps us keep improving and making iconik better with each release. Do you have questions, need assistance, or just want to discuss the new features? Drop us a line at

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