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Build Your Own Video Paywall with Braintree

Build Your Own Video Paywall with Braintree

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Chris Bassolino07.10.171 min read

You’re a content owner and you want to maximize your revenue. You're also concerned about maintaining your brand identity and you don’t want to involve any middlemen that require you to share your revenue. Sound familiar?

It’s easy to solve this problem by setting up a video paywall, which simply gates your videos until they are paid for. You can set up a video paywall for your entire subscription networks individual videos, or specific playlists.

Luckily, setting up a paywall with Braintree is quick and easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below!

Don’t have a Braintree account? No problem, you can also build your video paywall with Stripe.

Step 1: Import your Videos


First, import the videos you want to monetize. Remember, to make money from your videos, you need to make sure that each video requires purchase, rental or a subscription.

Step 2: Make Money


Decide how you want to make money. Do you think your audience will pay for a subscription, or do you think they would rather purchase individual videos or playlist bundles? To set up a subscription plan, head to the “ Make Money ” section of the Zype dashboard, and click “Subscription Settings.” For individual transactions, click “Purchase and Rental Settings.” Then, follow the prompts to link Zype to your Braintree account. Set a price, and voila, you’ve set up a video paywall!

Step 3: Launch your Video Paywall

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You’re now ready to launch your video paywall! To do so, just add your paywall-enabled videos to your website with Zype embed codes.

Head over to your video library, go to the desired video, and then copy its specific embed code, and paste it into your web editor.

You’re all finished! With these three easy steps, you’re able to sell your videos and/or run a subscription service while keeping your branding!

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