ftrack Connect has been updated with new features and has moved over to the new Python API. This means faster UI and import / publish process.

The new features include Beta versions of the ftrack publish tool and a Context switcher that allows the user to change the task they are publishing to without re-launching the application.


To start with the new publish tool, Betas are bundled along with the existing one. Initially for Nuke and Maya with 3ds Max following soon. These new publishing tools include:

  • A new interface to provide more control and better feedback for the artist
  • A toolbox for validations
  • More unification across different applications
  • The ability to load additional plugins, extending and customizing each project

Connect and the integrations are also moved to the new API, which means that Connect will be faster than ever. It also means that you can now write Locations with only the new API in mind. Customers with existing integrations/locations does not have to worry since we are bridging Locations in the legacy API to the new one.

You can download the latest version of Connect here.

Please refer to our forum for migration notes or to provide feedback on this release.

If you’re going to SIGGRAPH in August, give us a visit at booth 223 to see the updated Connect along a whole host of new features and releases that will be revealed at the show.