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Zype Apps Creator Shortlisted for 2022 CSI Awards

Apps Creator, Zype's no-code app building platform for web, mobile and CTV apps, has been shortlisted for 2022 CSI Awards for OTT app building platform.

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Keara McCarthy07.25.222 min read

CSI Shortlist 2022


CSI Magazine Names Zype Apps Creator to Shortlist for “Best TV Everywhere or Multi-Screen Video”

The CSI Awards, organized by CSI Magazine (Cable and Satellite International Magazine), celebrate excellence and achievement in the OTT, broadcast, video, and IoT sectors. Today, CSI announced that Zype Apps Creator has made its 2022 CSI Awards shortlist for "Best TV Everywhere or Multi-Screen Video" solution. Two other Backlight business units were also nominated for their solutions - Iconik for "Best Remote Production" and Wildmoka for "Best Use of AI or Machine Learning in Video".

With consumers spending less time viewing cable subscriptions and more time streaming content over connected devices, it has never been more important or more lucrative to have content distributed via your own OTT application to provide audiences with multi-screen video experiences. The 2022 CSI Awards category for "Best TV Everywhere or Multi-Screen Video" solution recognizes those solutions provide any form of video to two or more screens, including TVs, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and other connected devices inside and outside the home. 

Apps Creator is Zype’s turnkey solution for media companies looking to build and launch beautiful and performant enterprise-grade OTT apps across digital platforms, including web, mobile, connected/smart TVs, connected devices, gaming consoles and more. Apps Creator’s no-code app building platform allows users to focus on content creation and programming, making it easy to build and replicate production of beautiful apps without engineering expertise.

Apps Creator allows media enterprises to expand their reach into new markets and deliver their content through multi-screen experiences across a variety of streaming platforms quickly and reliably without having to make multimillion-dollar, multi-year investments into software development and infrastructure. Able to support both video on-demand content offerings as well as live streaming and podcasts, Apps Creator enables content owners to maximize the reach of their content through custom branded app experiences. Apps Creator’s efficient cloud-based app building solution is compatible with the latest streaming OTT platforms and devices, including Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, FireTV, Sony, Tizen, Samsung, Vizio and more.  

Apps Creator distinguishes itself from competitive solutions with the speed with which its users can get in-market with beautiful, custom-branded marketplace-compliant app experience that can provide the right viewing experiences and economic model for business requirements with AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and hybrid monetization models. Apps Creator enables the rapid replication of app builds, allowing users to configure an app once and use that same configuration as a base to publish to multiple platforms with little incremental lift. With Apps Creator you can easily publish new apps built off of the original prototype to expand your content delivery onto new platforms or create experiences in new languages for different geographic regions with the click of a button. Apps Creator's easy to use UI makes it simple for non-technical teams to create engaging streaming apps quickly. 

To date Apps Creator has launched over 1400 apps, with hundreds of customers from Fortune 500s to individuals promoting their personal brands, including companies like Condé Nast, Barstool Sports, Outside TV, Harvard Business Review, American Kennel Club and more. 

Established in 2003, the CSI Awards are among the most prestigious and competitive technology awards in the industry, designed to recognize and reward innovation and excellence in the cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, telco, broadband/OTT video, mobile TV and associated sectors.

To view the entire 2022 CSI Awards shortlist, please visit here.

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