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Second largest multi-sport organisation in the world chooses iconik

CISM chooses iconik to manage its content spanning 70 years, 30 sports, 30 annual events, and 138 nations.

Collaboration is at the core of our philosophy. That’s why we were excited to be chosen by the International Military Sports Council (CISM). It will be using iconik to give global access to its military sporting events coverage. The CISM has been bringing military athletes together in sports competitions to enable diplomacy and strengthen solidarity between nations.

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This is CISM

CISM was founded shortly after the 2nd World War to organise a variety of sporting events for the armed forces of its 138 member countries. It is the second largest multi-sport discipline organization after the International Olympic Committee.

Each year, CISM organises over twenty Military World Championships around the globe with approximately 30 different sports. They host both continental and regional competitions, such as the Military World Games, and most recently, the Winter Games and World Cadet Games.

A solution to preserve their history

The CISM has a long history, and with that comes a lot of archive coverage. To make this readily available, they are in the process of digitizing all the past video with the help of TBC Media, a service provider in the Broadcast industry. Iconik will make all the media assets at CISM globally available to their organization. It’s a huge step towards sharing their rich history with a unified story worldwide.




“Iconik has made our search and share tasks much more efficient, making it possible to find specific clips and share these globally within a matter of minutes.”

David Vandenplas, Media and Communication Director, CISM

The military usually brings images of conflict to mind, but behind each frontline, there are people who want much of the same things as anyone else. These competitions demonstrate peaceful collaborations that strengthen goodwill between nations, and Backlight is proud to stand behind this 100%.

CISM is able to see all their content from multiple places around the world in iconik. You can learn more about the iconik storage gateway here.

This is media management for everyone!