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The hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud utilizes both cloud and on-premise storage. This allows you to move media where you need it, when you need it.

It's the most agile way to manage media.


You get the benefits of cloud storage

Iconik has been natively built for the cloud.
Always available
Your media is on hand 24/7 in the cloud from any device that's connected to the internet.
Global access
From the moment media enters iconik, you can access what you need from anywhere on the globe.
Zero maintenance costs
Managing media in the cloud requires no hardware maintenance cost.
Extremely secure
You have the world-class security measures provided by the leading cloud storage providers, plus a 30-day backup of any content in iconik.

And you get the benefits of on-premise storage

Iconik will also manage your hi-res, on-premise assets. Proxy versions are indexed and searchable in the cloud even while your original media is stored locally.
Quick access to large files
Keep large file on-premise where they are needed for editing. Proxies will be in the cloud.
Familiarity with existing file structure
If your team likes how media is organized on-premise, you can keep the same folder structure as iconik collections.
Available locally
Work locally with your original files with the option to keep only proxies or hi-res versions in the cloud as needed.
Security against remote threats
Choose which content will be offline, unable to be accessed or shared online.

The hybrid cloud gives you a holistic view of all your assets no matter where they live.