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Deliver the perfect playlist

Keep your audience engaged with fresh content through dynamically created playlists


Playlists enable you to organize your videos into engaging collections. You can hand-curate video playlists or automate your content organization workflow. Dynamic category-based playlists allow you to include ordering rules—present your videos in a way that makes the most sense to your audience.

Dynamically populated playlistsAs new videos are added to your library, they’ll automatically be added to your playlists when they contain matching metadata. Use along with MRSS category import settings to automate the complete ingest to publish workflow.
Smart orderingUse playlist smart ordering to automatically set the order of videos organized within a playlist. Arrange videos by published date, created date, alphabetical order, or simply adjust the order manually. As new videos are added to your playlist, smart ordering will ensure they adhere to the ordering rules you set.

Learn how you can automate your complete publishing workflow with dynamic playlists.