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Endpoint API


What is the Zype Endpoint API service?

Zype’s Endpoint API Services allow customers to produce and publish custom video streaming applications on the web and supported set-top, smart TV, gaming, and mobile app marketplaces. Content and monetization settings for these apps can be configured within the Zype Platform and are easily accessible for app development using the Endpoint API Service.

The service also utilizes OAuth (open authentication service based off authorization tokens) to enable a universal consumer authentication method across all endpoint apps integrated with the Zype platform. This creates a “realm” around a content owner’s property (website, OTT endpoints, mobile apps, etc.) where consumers can use the same single authentication method everywhere and all endpoint apps pass player requests and engagement analytics data back into the Zype platform.

Zype Streaming Platform offers access to the following Endpoint Apps


Connected services

  • Zype Web Embeddables
  • Zype OTT (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android Mobile, gaming consoles, smart TVs)
  • Zype app production tools (push button production services for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV)
  • Consumer account management widgets, device linking authentication widgets

Who uses this service

  • Software Developers can work with the Endpoint APIs directly to access content, monetization settings, and configuration from the Zype VideoMeta CMS as well as for audience management (create consumer, manage consumer entitlements, manage consumer) and analytics.
  • Content Managers work with the Endpoint API service indirectly by organizing content in the Zype VideoMeta CMS and producing and publishing apps using Zype's push-button App Production tools.
  • Consumers connect to Zype through the Endpoint API service indirectly through web players and apps in market via content streaming, authentication, device linking, and account management.

Capabilities of the Endpoint API service

The Endpoint API Service provides a broad range of app development capabilities within supported app endpoints. With the Endpoint API Service, developers can access and configure video content arrangement, display video content and metadata, authenticate and manage consumers, integrate 3rd-party services, and more.


Common use cases



Unsupported use cases


Common use case explained

Using Zype's Endpoint API Service, developers can create a rich video streaming application on the Roku app marketplace that includes the following features:

  • Free videos that require no authentication to watch
  • Premium videos that require subscription authentication to watch
  • Device linking and consumer account management capabilities
  • Integration with 3rd party CRM database for audience management
  • Returning video engagement analytics for content streamed in the Roku app

Below is a list of detailed steps for working with Zype’s Endpoint API Service to create a custom app.

  • Step 1: Request a demo to sign up for a new Zype account.
  • Step 2: Import videos into your Zype account using our import tools.
  • Step 3: Organize videos into playlists using our Playlists menu.
  • Step 4: Set up and configure monetization settings using the Make Money menu.
  • Step 5: Select which endpoint apps you would like to activate using our Manage Apps menu. In this case, you would select the Roku app production tool to create a new Roku app profile. Feel free to complete the publishing workflow. You will be delivered an app bundle which you can use as the base template for your new app if you would like.
  • Step 6: Once you have activated an endpoint app in the Zype platform, visit the API Keys menu to view all app keys provisioned to access Endpoint APIs for each endpoint app.
  • Step 7: Visit Zype’s developer portal to access detailed API documentation for the Endpoint API Service.

Minimum requirements to use the Endpoint API service

  • A paid Zype account with Endpoint APIs for each corresponding Endpoint App you deploy.
  • Video content organized in the Zype library to be displayed in an endpoint app.
  • Account credentials for each app marketplace intended for publishing (for app submission and publishing purposes).

Zype & customer responsibilities

Zype responsibilities

  • Ensure APIs are available / responsive
  • Ensure APIs connect properly to the Zype platform
  • Provide detailed documentation on integrating with APIs
  • Provide example common use cases for integrating with APIs
  • Ensure new features introduced to app SDKs are compatible with the platform and non-customized templated apps

Customer responsibilities

  • Integrate with APIs correctly based off API documentation provided by Zype
  • Implementation of any 3rd party integrations into apps leveraging Endpoint APIs
  • Ensure 3rd party integrations are functioning properly
  • Production, testing / QA, and publishing of app bundles built using Zype’s app production tools
  • Production, testing / QA, and publishing of custom apps built using APIs and SDKs