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Enhance your linear channel with engaging graphics

Zype Playout's built-in graphics tools allow you to combine text and images into broadcast-ready graphics so you can make channels look and feel like premium television without needing to rely on third-party graphics resources.
Rising to the Challenge_Playout Graphic Video (600 × 400 px)

Apply and automate channel graphics

Build and launch professional-grade playout channels using our built-in graphics tool to apply channel branding, communicate programming information, or create new sponsorship opportunities.

Insert dynamic graphic overlays

Design dynamic graphics powered by metadata and automatically insert them onto the timeline, for powerful channel enhancement capabilities with minimal operational investment.
Playout Graphics on TV sports example_600px

Brand your channel

Use the channel branding overlay functionality to insert a single static image like a bug or logo at a channel level and automatically overlay this logo on top of content playing through the linear stream.
Channel Branding Overlay_Playout Graphics News Example_600px

Automate graphic insertion

Set up a graphic template once and automate it to insert graphics with video-level metadata into your channel according to asset type.
Automate Graphics in Playout trimmed

Encourage channel engagement

Provide context to channel programming and encourage engagement by promoting upcoming segments or content specials.
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Generate new revenue opportunities

Allow advertisers to sponsor in-program graphics content or drive users to external websites or promotions.
Moment of the Match_Playout Graphics on TV example_600px

Take your channel design to the next level with Zype Playout