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Pricing is tailored to your needs and actual usage

Power users

  • Access to all features
  • System admin privileges
$109/mo Per user
All read-only features
All standard features
User management
Storage management
Create custom actions
Create webhooks
Your iconik account must have at least one power user. Other users can be added as needed.

Standard users

  • Access to all features
  • System admin privileges
$59/mo Per user
All read-only features
Start review & approve
Adobe Panel
Metadata management
Rights management
Visual AI analysis for media
AI transcriptions
Recycle bin management
Jobs overview

Browse users

  • Read-only privileges
  • Comment, review & download
$23/mo Per user
View assets & collections
Review & approve
Search & filter
Discovery view


  • Invite anyone
  • Unlimited collaborators
$0/mo Per user
View versions & transcriptions
Upload to collections
Review & approve
Standard and admin users can invite collaborators for free. Free users can only access assets and collections that have been shared with them.

You can start small, think big, and scale to enterprise when ready

No minimums
No large investments are required to start with iconik. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.
No commitments
There is very little risk involved in setting up an iconik account. Standard plans require no commitments, so you can use iconik for as long or as short of a time that's needed.
Business flexibility
Your needs will fluctuate as your business grows, so iconik allows you to natively change from standard to enterprise plans when the time is right.
Add iconik credits as needed or schedule automatic top-ups. Iconik’s easy-to-understand usage reports allow you to monitor and forecast your needs.
Fair billing
In iconik, pricing is based on actual usage, so you don't have to pay for more iconik resources than you need. If only 15 of your 50 users use iconik, you only pay for those 15.
The iconik media management platform is extremely elastic. It allows you to expand or contract the size of your iconik resources.

Standard and enterprise plans

Iconik offers two different plans to meet your media management needs – standard and enterprise plans. The standard plan is suitable for most use cases and has all the great features you need to manage media and collaborate with teams from anywhere.

The enterprise plan is the ideal solution for organizations that are seeking the highest level of security, customer support, and enterprise-level services tailored to their needs.

Which Plan is Right for You?
Media management features
Search & recovery
Filtered searches
Saved searches
Metadata tagging
File transfers
File relations
Bulk actions
Iconik Agent
Post-production features
Remote media access
Remote video editing
Iconik Panel for Adobe
Proxy workflow
Video collaboration
File relations
Comments as time-based markers in Premiere Pro
Review & collaboration features
File sharing
Collection sharing
Review & approve
Time-based comments
Draw-on annotations
Version control
Invite anyone to collaborate
Automation features
Iconik API
3rd party integration
Custom actions
AI transcription
AI auto-tagging
Send and receive files through iconik
Additional features
Iconik Shield
Priced Option
Infrastructure SLA
Standard email support
Enhanced support
Custom MSA (optional)
Strategic account manager
Admin training
Priced Option

This is media management for everyone!