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Online video approval with ftrack Review

Gain approval for your projects with Ftrack Review’s online video approval software. Speed up your feedback cycles, draw on a video frame and compare two versions of the same scene, wherever your team is located.

Why choose Ftrack Review for video review approval?

Save time and resources through online video approval with Ftrack Review. Through your centralised cloud workspace you can upload, store and collaborate on all your projects online, wherever you are and with no installation needed!

Upload your videos onto our video approval software and gain access to a variety of tools allowing you to sync, annotate and compare different versions of your project for faster sign-offs.

Our online video approval platform is bank-grade secure, TPN compliant and is rigorously tested on a regular basis to ensure your most important assets are safe and secure.

Ftrack Review also comes with a 7 day free trial with no need for credit card details so you can get your work going right away.


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How to perform an online video review with Ftrack Review

Upload your project

With Ftrack Review you can upload a variety of different file types from pdfs, images and video clips so you and your team can continue to collaborate and review.



Invite collaborators

Need to do a client review for your project or need internal sign-off? Invite a collaborator to your project. Once they have access you can jump into a review and start giving feedback immediately, and they don’t count as part of your seat count.



Start reviewing!

You have plenty of tools at your disposal to do a review. Draw directly on your project frame, start a video sync or compare two different versions with our overlay compare mode.



Video review with Cinesync

Cinesync is a world trusted award-winning remote video and approval tool used by large studios worldwide. Learn more about how cineSync can support your video review.