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Backlight's Annual ‘iconik State of MAM' Report Reveals Video and Audio Content Has Become More Central to Enterprise Operations

Backlight issued the 2023 iconik Media Stats Report, which delves into trends driving the adoption of MAM technology.

Backlight23.02.232 min read

Non-media and entertainment businesses are increasingly adopting the iconik MAM solution to manage content-rich assets  

STOCKHOLM (February 23, 2023) - - Backlight, a global media technology company that dramatically improves every stage of the video and entertainment content lifecycle, released the fourth annual Media Stats Report from iconik, Backlight's leading media asset management (MAM) solution. The State of MAM report delves into trends driving the adoption of MAM technology by a broad and diverse set of industries. While the report is based on iconik data, it reflects the upward trajectory in the wider Global Media Asset Management Solutions market.

An infographic summary of this year's report can be viewed here.

“Leading organizations depend on data to drive strategy and this report's insights can help business leaders to make informed, strategic decisions,” said Backlight Creative CEO, Mike Green. “Traditionally asset management solutions have been on premise, but, with cloud storage becoming more affordable and secure, organizations are embracing the value of cloud-native tools like iconik that deliver its users visibility and control with great ease and scale. As a cloud-native SaaS solution, iconik is a unique media tech offering, making the data within our report truly one of a kind. Our report breaks down the trends for media management, allowing readers to explore some of the data in depth.”

This year's report revealed a 55% growth in assets (~82% YoY growth in data) that are being managed with iconik's cloud-native MAM solution. Trends driving this growth include the rapid domination of video and podcasts as communication mediums and the normalization of remote work — both of which have led enterprises and mid-market organizations to seek more innovative tools to manage their content-rich assets. The data also revealed that media management is being used for more types of non-media files, as 38% of iconik assets are not media. Understandably, with more enterprises using content-rich digital material in their day-to-day functions, there has been an increase in the number of industries using iconik, with this year's newcomers being healthcare and real estate. 

Historically, file sharing solutions and hard drive workflows failed to adequately serve creatives and organizations that have growing media libraries that require effective, yet simple management tools. In 2017 this need was met with the introduction of iconik, an affordable, accessible and agile SaaS solution for organizations of every industry and size. Iconik doesn't conform to MAM traditions—expanding into markets for digital asset management, production asset management, as well as file sharing services. Today, iconik manages more than 230 million assets.

Click here to download the full report.

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