Will you be next to broadcast news programs vertically?

By Matthieu Loreille on April 15, 2021

Don’t get left behind on vertical streaming!

With audiences watching more news on their smartphones than ever before, offering mobile-first content, with images filling
the entire screen while held upright, is essential. This document shows how 50 news broadcasters around the world could deliver a vertical experience for their live OTT programs. If you’re not there, contact us.



Why should I care

/ Do I need to change my production workflow?

Not at all.

With Wildmoka Auto ReZone™, you simply send your regular live linear TV feeds to the Wildmoka cloud and Auto ReZone™ does the rest. Our solution transposes horizontal content into a vertical format in seconds so you can stream the same content live in vertical.  Auto ReZone™ is a pure cloud-based SaaS solution. No hardware is needed, and no extra editing staff are required.

/ Can I define my own editorial style for vertical?

Wildmoka’s AI/ML-based solution identifies the different zones of interest in your original 16:9 linear TV production and reorganizes them in real-time into a vertical 9:16 format with the editorial style you have defined.

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/ Where can I see Wildmoka Auto ReZone in action?

• Download the Altice BFMTV App
• From your mobile, follow this link to watch Asharq News vertically
Contact us for a demo.

/ What happens if some of the original footage cannot be verticalized?

Auto ReZone™ intelligently falls back to standard horizontal format with a contextual static or animated background. It can also fill the empty zone with other content of your choice.



Here's how Asharq News uses an animated background that is contextual to each show.

/ Who will offer vertical live experiences next?

Any news broadcaster could benefit from Auto ReZone™. The following 50 simulations show how news broadcasters around the world could begin delivering vertical experiences to their audiences.
If you are not on the list of featured news broadcasters and would like to see how Auto ReZone™
 could boost your mobile experience, contact us today.


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