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What's New at Backlight: September Product Updates for Zype and Wildmoka

Learn about the latest updates, features, and functionality from the Zype and Wildmoka product lines.

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Matt Moore18.10.20233 min read

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We're focused on building the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available to help you increase engagement and monetization of content across all your streaming platforms. Read on for the latest product updates!

Zype Playout

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Multi-Ad Tag Support

Zype Playout has introduced Multi-Ad Tag Support, enhancing ad auction and fill rates and ad delivery efficiency. This update enables the platform to identify the device category from which an ad request originates (e.g., mobile, smartTV, tablet, web, etc.) and route it accordingly to optimize ad fill rates. By improving ad rendering and ensuring ads display seamlessly across various devices, we're empowering customers to maximize monetization opportunities within their playout streams.

Third-Party CDN Support

Zype Playout's latest update introduces the Bring-Your-Own CDN feature, allowing customers to configure their Playout channels to utilize their own content delivery network (CDN) infrastructure instead of relying on Zype or third-party streaming services. This enhancement aligns with Zype's investment in supporting Owned and Operated (O&O) use cases, offering greater flexibility to customers and aligning with a modular architecture approach. With this update, customers gain more control over their tech stack, enabling them to manage their CDN strategy, tap into existing CDN commitments for cost efficiencies, and optimize their workflow for content delivery.

Priority Track Cut-In

Zype Playout introduces Priority Track Cut-in functionality, enabling smoother transitions between playout assets. When a priority track asset is scheduled, it seamlessly "cuts in" over the base track asset, eliminating the need for gaps or fallback slates. This enhancement ensures a smoother cutover between pre-programmed and priority track content, particularly valuable for News and Sports live feeds.

EPG Updates: Expanded Metadata Support in EPG and EPG API Key

Zype Playout customers can now enrich their channel EPG with expanded metadata, including published date, series, host, genre, season number, and episode number. Furthermore, a new API key option offers greater control and security for Zype customers who need to send their playout channel EPG information to third-party syndication providers.

New Destinations: TCLtv+, Cineverse, Freecast

Playout customers can leverage Zype's integrations with new services like TCLtv+, Cineverse, and Freecast for FAST channel delivery. Backlight is currently delivering channels to these destination endpoints:

  • TCLtv+: Smart Healthy Green Living
  • Cineverse: Axon's First Responders Network
  • Freecast: Axon's First Responders Network, B2SN, SHG Living


Zype Apps Creator

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Age Restriction for Mature Content

Zype Apps Creator customers can now offer a family-friendly experience for their viewers and comply with local regulations as necessary, with a Parental Access Code solution for mature app content. Customers can restrict access to app content by setting a dynamic minimum age their end-user must meet to access the content using the "parental_access_age" setting. Any content rated higher than the minimum age would be considered "mature" for the consumer, and the app would request a "parental access code" for verification before content playback.

Expanded Rental Period

Apps Creator customers can extend the content rental period for a custom duration of up to 168 hours (7 days). This allows customers to offer more convenient, longer-term rental options for end-users.


Wildmoka Clip Studio

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Instagram Reels & Stories Publishing

In this release, Wildmoka's Clip Studio introduces a valuable feature enabling customers to produce and edit clips tailored to Reels and Stories and publish them directly to Instagram. This update facilitates faster clip publishing to Instagram Reels and Stories, centralizing the entire process within Backlight and ultimately providing customers with enhanced audience reach and engagement opportunities through these widely-used formats.

Clip Editor Full-Screen Preview

Clip Studio customers can now open the video player in full-screen mode for clipping, allowing users to edit using a full-screen video preview with access to shortcut keys.Coming Soon


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