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Seed funding with Advans Group!

Advans Group seed funding

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Cristian Livadiotti07.18.181 min read

advans-200x150Great news!

We’ve just secured a comfortable seed funding partnering with our friend and investor Radomir Jovanovic, co-founder and co-president of Advans-Group, and head of ELSYS Design and Avisto.

We’ve been working with Avisto and ELSYS Design for years now, they have helped us ramping up on several projects during our startup life, but also during our years in Alcatel-Lucent. Through those years of good collaboration, we’ve established a strong business friendship with the heads of those companies.

This investment from Advans-Group is bringing us a number of advantage: of course, it will allow us to grow the team and speed-up development of our core product, the WildMoka platform, but not only. In our agreement, we also have won the capacity to scale on customer projects and ramping-up teams for custom development and system integration. And that is a key differentiator against many other startups which may be to small to address some businesses.

So we have now the best of 2: agile as a startup, capacity to ramp-up as a large company!

We’re all very happy of this deal, and will certainly celebrate.

About Advans-Group, ELSYS Design and Avisto:

Elsys & AvistoAdvans-Group is the mother company of ELSYS Design and Avisto, large multi-national service companies. This partnership offers a strong capacity to ramp-up projects and deliver quickly.

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