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Product updates from Wildmoka and Zype

Discover the latest product updates from Wildmoka and Zype, enhancing video creation, management, distribution, and monetization for OTT platforms.

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Catherine Cywinska06.29.235 min read

At Backlight Streaming, we're dedicated to delivering leading cloud-native solutions for OTT, monetization, and hyper-distribution. This blog post walks you through our latest product updates that enhance your video creation, management, distribution, and monetization experience.

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New to Wildmoka Clip Studio

Rapidly produce clips and highlights and distribute to social platforms with Wildmoka Clip Studio

Wildmoka's Clip Studio offers powerful features for quick and efficient content production and distribution to digital platforms. Users can now easily cut and publish clips and highlights from live or on-demand content, enabling the creation of more content in diverse formats. 

With the hyper-distribution functionality, users can swiftly distribute their clips and highlights to various digital platforms simultaneously, ensuring they meet the correct specifications. The automation of content creation using AI/ML add-ons enhances productivity by assisting in video creation and editing processes. 

Additionally, the reframe tool allows for effortless content reframing, enabling the creation of visually appealing compositions with adjusted focus. 

With Wildmoka Clip Studio, users can accelerate their content production, distribution, and customization efforts, thanks to its user-friendly and efficient features.


New to Wildmoka Live Studio

Edit, repurpose, and hyperdistribute live streams to global destinations simultaneously with Wildmoka Live Studio

Wildmoka's Live Studio offers a comprehensive set of product updates for efficient live stream editing, repurposing, and distribution. 

Users can easily edit and repurpose their live streams by adding graphics like branding or lower-thirds and adjusting the aspect ratio to cater to different audiences. The platform also provides monetization opportunities through features like slates, graphics, and dynamic ad insertion. 

Stream switching, management, and control functionalities allow users to seamlessly switch between sources, schedule live streams, apply templates, and set metadata. One of the key highlights is the simultaneous distribution to various digital platforms, including O&O, social media, FAST, or vMVPD destinations. 

With Wildmoka's Live Studio, users can effortlessly edit, monetize, and distribute their live streams, expanding their reach and maximizing their content's potential.



New: Wildmoka and iconik integration

Wildmoka and iconik have collaborated to provide a streamlined media asset management solution. 

Iconik, Backlight's cloud-native media asset management software, allows users to easily share files, collaborate, and enhance media with AI for efficient searchability. 

With this integration, creative teams can manage their rich media assets, including video, audio, and imagery, while leveraging lightweight review and approval tools for seamless collaboration. 

Joint customers can utilize iconik for long-term media asset management and exchange videos between the two platforms effortlessly. Assets from live events running through Wildmoka can be registered into iconik's media management system, and videos stored in iconik can be remotely accessed from the Wildmoka user interface for efficient editing and content creation. 

The integration ensures bi-directional content syncing between Wildmoka and iconik for extensive and longer-term video storage capabilities. This joint integration simplifies media asset management, enhances collaboration, and improves accessibility for users.



New to Zype Playout

Create dynamic graphic overlays in Zype Playout with our new in-product graphics tool

Zype Playout now offers in-product capabilities that make it easy to create and program static or dynamic graphics, allowing video publishers to up-level the quality, design, and timeliness of their linear playout channels.  

Rising to the Challenge_Playout Graphic Video (600 × 400 px)


These new capabilities include:

Dynamic Graphics Overlay: Design dynamic graphics directly in Playout that can be powered by data and automatically inserted onto the timeline, granting powerful tools for enhancement with minimal operational investment

Channel Branding Overlay: Insert a single static image (a bug or logo) at a channel level and automatically overlay this logo on top of the content playing through the linear playout stream

With these new capabilities, video publishers can:

    • Encourage channel engagement by providing context to channel programming and promoting upcoming segments or content specials
    • Generate new revenue opportunities by allowing advertisers to sponsor in-program graphics or drive users to external websites or promotions
    • Apply channel branding by overlaying different logo bugs for branding across all linear playout channels

Learn more about our graphic capabilities here.


New to Zype Streaming Platform

Achieve greater workflow efficiency with new CMS updates in Zype’s Streaming Platform

Our recent product updates offer valuable enhancements to the Zype Streaming Platform. Customers can now enable Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication, allowing them to integrate their SSO accounts and easily authenticate users into the Zype Admin. This reduces friction for enterprise customers who want to use external identity providers like Okta for seamless authentication using their company's credentials or other SSO platforms. 

Secondly, a bulk-define feature for metadata has been introduced, simplifying the assignment of required metadata fields to large video libraries. This particularly benefits companies with extensive video collections, as it streamlines workflows and process automation. 

Lastly, Zype has introduced role-based UI customization in the Zype Admin, allowing users to personalize the fields, tabs, and pages based on their role. This customization feature benefits companies with a large user base, ensuring a streamlined and tailored user experience and optimizing efficiency and productivity.



New to Zype Apps Creator

Drive app engagement with Zype Apps Creator using integration with Adobe Primetime, enable video downloads on mobile apps for offline viewing, and more.

We’ve introduced several valuable product updates to enhance the user experience and engagement within the Apps Creator platform. Firstly, the integration with Adobe Primetime allows end-users to authenticate using their existing pay TV credentials, providing seamless access to the content they already pay for. This feature improves convenience and efficiency for end-users. 

Secondly, the Streaming on Entry capability enables the automatic playback of content when users enter the app, leading to higher video engagement and mirroring capabilities seen in popular entertainment apps like Netflix. 

Additionally, Zype Apps Creator now supports video downloads on mobile, allowing users to save videos for offline viewing, enhancing convenience, and enabling on-the-go consumption. 

The Personalized Video Lists feature enables customers to create virtual collections, such as "Watching," "Purchases," and "Favorites," providing users with easy access to previously engaged content and delivering a more personalized app experience. 

Lastly, the ability to generate deep links allows customers to drive engagement with in-app content through push notifications and social media, making it easier for users to access high-value content.  Through deep links distributed by Apps Creator or by third-party platforms like OneSignal, Apps Creator customers can increase overall engagement for key content initiatives


Want to learn more? For an in-depth demo of any highlighted features or capabilities, contact your account representative or request a demo.

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