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Press Release - Wildmoka is recruiting Software Engineers

Wildmoka is recruiting Software Engineers in Southern France. Apply now on our website!

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Cristian Livadiotti18.07.20181 min read


Wildmoka is recruiting Software Engineers

Sophia-Antipolis — October 14th, 2014

The French company from Sophia-Antipolis which has recently launched one of its solution on CANAL+ website, is recruiting five software engineers

WILDMOKA shows a promising start. Founded less than one year ago, the company has already signed several commercial partnerships in France and abroad in order to deploy its solutions, which allow to enrich audiovisual content. Among others, we can mention the partnership with CANALSTART, which has been carried out by the launch of #INSTANTCANAL on CANAL+ website.

To continue its growth, WILDMOKA is looking for new talents. The company plans to recruit five software engineers until the end of the year. Junior or senior, passionate about new technologies, applicants need to show excellent technical skills, a strong motivation, and ready to accept ambitious challenges. These positions are located in Sophia-Antipolis and include permanent contracts.

For submitting your application, visit our about page.

WILDMOKA is a French company developing patented technologies that reinvent the TV watching experience. WILDMOKA cloud platform turns in real-time any video source into an enriched, de-linearized, navigable and social content, available on any screen through truly innovative applications. WILDMOKA targets content owners and service providers willing to offer an ever-increasing interaction between end-users and their programs, in order to address new usages, expand their audience and grow the monetization opportunities.  WILDMOKA is a profitable company whose products and services have already been selected by major players in Europe and in the US.


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