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What's New at Backlight Streaming: August Product Updates

Stay informed about the latest updates and features from Zype and Wildmoka, enhancing your video streaming experience.

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Keara McCarthy08.31.235 min read

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We're focused on building the most comprehensive end-to-end video infrastructure platform available to help you increase engagement and monetization of content across all your streaming platforms. Read on for the latest product updates out this month and a preview of what’s to come next month!

Zype Playout

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Search for assets by series, season & episodes metadata from the Playout UI

Now it’s faster than ever to schedule and program serialized, episodic, or season content on your playout channels. This new capability lets you search, sort, and filter video assets by series, season, or episode metadata directly within the Zype Playout UI and easily add them to your playout channel timeline. 

Before this update, customers had to move back and forth between the Zype CMS to locate content and Zype Playout to schedule content. Now customers can locate the assets they need directly in the Playout UI and program content to their playout channel without going to the Zype CMS.
To use this update, users can go to the asset panel in the Playout UI and search their asset library using keywords for season, series, or episode metadata to surface related assets to drag onto the timeline.

Search for assets to add to the Zype Playout timeline directly from the Playout UIsearch for playout assets


Zype Apps Creator

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Automatically catalog a live event as a VOD asset type when the event ends

Do you have Zype-broadcasted live events as part of your app offering? If so, making your live events accessible as VOD assets in Apps Creator has never been easier. Apps Creator now allows you to automate the cataloging of a live event as VOD once the live event concludes, freeing you from having to perform the operation manually. 

Zype Live broadcasted events featured in Apps Creator will now be automatically archived to VOD once the event ends, and the live event will be replaced with the VOD of the event in the same app section where the live event was featured. Users can configure this transition from live to VOD in advance and include paywalls if desired so you can convert customers seamlessly when the event is over.

To leverage this functionality, users must use Zype Live to broadcast the event to the Zype CMS. Upon conclusion of the live event broadcast, the event will be archived automatically. The event must have an end-time scheduled, but no additional configuration is needed to leverage this capability. As a one-stop shop for your live event distribution across the streaming video app space, Backlight’s got you covered!

Customize your in-app “Menu” experience with new sub-sections or links to outside content

With this latest update, Apps Creator introduces new flexibility in improving app organization and encourages app engagement with the ability to highlight deep-linked content from the “Menu” sections. Apps Creator users can create new menu sub-sections throughout their apps, adding existing section types, content objects, or default menus to custom menus to create a menu hierarchy.
To make use of this update, users must first enable a new menu item, go to “Design”>”Menus”> toggle “Menu Section” “On” or “Off” – this will allow you to add new content items into your new “Menu” section. 

These new “Menu” items can be links to external sites or deep links to certain sections or applications within the app. To create links to include in menu sections, go to “Content,” to create a new menu section, go to  “Links” down the left navigation pane.

To add a “Menu” sub-section to their main section list, users can go to the “Content” section of Apps Creator > “Sections” on the left-hand navigation to view and edit their list of current “Menu” items. 

Add deep links to custom "Menu "sections within your streaming applications3v2


Zype Streaming Platform

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Easily add videos containing Custom Attribute tags to Playlists

Zype’s Streaming Platform provides tools to simplify your content management, monetization, and distribution. Want to build unique programming playlists around a particular actor or director? Now customers who use our CMS to manage their media can search for specific videos to manually add to their playlists based on unique “Custom Attribute” metadata tags like these and more. This new update is handy for customers who use Custom Attribute tags to bulk-define or apply metadata to large video sets and want to quickly build a playlist around content with these custom tags. 

Building Playlists using Custom Attribute metadata tags2v2


Wildmoka Clip Studio

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Access Google Drive and Dropbox 

Wildmoka customers who use Dropbox or Google Drive for media storage now have the option to extend their Clip Studio production and distribution workflows to these platforms. These new integrations streamline the process of bringing Clip Studio clips into customers’ existing internal toolsets and local storage environments and allow for easier content management. Using Google Drive or Dropbox to manage your clips created in Clip Studio is easy - simply authorize your existing Google Drive or Dropbox account and leverage these destinations for clip publishing or ingest just like any other destination.

Incorporate Google Drive or Dropbox storage locations into your Clip Studio workflowsClip Studio Screenshot Mockup 2

Wildmoka Live Studio

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Support for Transport Stream (.TS) Protocol

Wildmoka’s Live Studio broadcast operation platform used to produce, repurpose and distribute live streams can now export streams in Transport Stream (.TS) protocol for more efficient delivery for instances when this protocol is required. This new output format will help streamline the workflows for customers that previously had to transcode Wildmoka Live Studio outputs from HLS or MPEG-4 protocols into .TS formats, eliminating the need for additional transcoding and streamlining workflows, allowing for faster delivery. To use this update, Wildmoka customers must work with their Technical Account Manager or CSM to configure this output in the Wildmoka UI.

Coming Soon

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We’re not done innovating our product offering! Here’s a preview of what’s coming next month:

  • Deliver Instagram Stories and Reels from Clip Studio - Wildmoka customers will be able to easily publish content created in Clip Studio to Instagram Stories and Reels, leveraging these popular formats to increase viewer engagement with valuable video clips and highlight reel compositions

To learn more about Backlight Streaming products to help content owners and distributors achieve their video streaming goals, check out our newly launched Resource Center with links to previous webinars and downloadable assets such as eBooks, research reports, and more. 

Have questions, feedback, or additional requests? Please contact us!

Happy Streaming!

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