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A new way to unite content creation and management: iconik x Wildmoka

Today, we are thrilled to share a new way to unite content management and creation: iconik x Wildmoka.

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Wildmoka Team26.10.20235 min read


  • Create in Wildmoka, manage in iconik, and distribute everywhere. Wildmoka lets you clip, edit, and publish events in near real-time. iconik archives these assets with metadata for easy future access and repurposing.
  • Get creative. This isn’t just a storage solution but a way to get the most from your live and existing content by repurposing them to tell new stories

Have you ever found yourself in a race to navigate and curate enormous volumes of content while ensuring it reaches your audience with lightning speed? If you work in broadcasting and digital media, you're no stranger to the pressure of capturing and swiftly disseminating heart-pounding, scroll-stopping moments to captivate your audience. 

But what becomes of those moments once you hit the publish button? Your content often ends up confined to distant, hard-to-access repositories, making it nearly impossible for teams to find, repurpose, and reuse in the future.

Today, we are thrilled to share a new way to unite content management and creation: iconik x Wildmoka. This workflow integration combines Wildmoka's robust media production and distribution platform with the user-friendly and cost-effective media management features of iconik. Powerful search and timely distribution have joined forces.



With iconik x Wildmoka, you can bridge the gap between your live and archived content. Whether saving the best moments of a live event or quickly remixing content for social media, you don't have to juggle multiple platforms; now, you can manage, find, and share your content faster in one unified workflow to accelerate your publishing time. Being first to market with live content gets you more views and boosts engagement across the digital landscape.

"The iconik x Wildmoka integration has been a huge help to us at Goodwood, especially during Revival 2023. We published almost 5,000 videos and 100 hours of branded video over just 36 hours, with 99% of those assets archived directly to iconik, which speaks volumes about the capabilities of this integration. With Wildmoka x iconik, our archiving at Goodwood is incredibly streamlined, which de-risks us as a business, with all of our content backed up and ready to pull from whenever it's needed."

- Nathan Morgan – Group Head of IT, Goodwood

First off, what is iconik?

iconik is an innovative media management platform redefining how organizations handle digital content. 

Serving as a centralized hub for media assets, it simplifies the complexities of content management with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to search, preview, and retrieve media files from various locations. 

iconik integrates with professional media production and distribution tools, promoting collaborative workflows for content creators, editors, and marketers. With robust features like metadata tagging and automatic content recognition, it enhances discoverability and ensures efficient cataloging. 

iconik is scalable and cloud-based, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes, providing accessibility, security, and cost-efficiency in a world where content demand never ceases.

With iconik, you can:

  • Bring-your-own cloud and on-premise storage
  • Organize assets via a central hub
  • Invite unlimited collaborators to review and approve media
  • Create custom workflows and integrations using iconik's robust API
  • Grow with scalable, cost-effective media management

What does iconik's integration with Wildmoka offer you?

Creating fresh content around the clock, at scale, and competing to be first to publish is a tall order. 

However, locating and repurposing existing media to make a story pop can make a big difference in its visibility. But how will people know media exists if it's deep in an archive with limited access?

Enter the iconik x Wildmoka integration to expedite the traditional restore-from-archive chain. 

With this integration, you'll still use Wildmoka to ingest and edit live feeds to create clips, highlight reels, and re-versioned feeds. Once you publish that content to your digital channels, iconik automatically registers it for long-term archiving, retrieval, and reuse.

Let's say you're an esports broadcaster running a weekly, four-hour esports tournament, and you use Wildmoka's Clip Studio to cherry-pick the most exciting moments from the live stream, brand and reformat them, and push them straight to social media while the tournament continues to play out. 

When you layer in iconik, those epic game moments won't just disappear after you've shared them. You can simultaneously push them into your iconik library with all the metadata and details you need for later retrieval. 

Now, anyone on your team can retrieve and repurpose them across a brand's digital ecosystem, all while the event is still in play. 

This setup takes Wildmoka to the next level, transforming it into a publishing powerhouse. Now, it's not just one team calling the shots; everyone across a brand can tap into a treasure trove of content and reach digital audiences far and wide.

How it works

Let's look under the hood to understand how the iconik x Wildmoka integration works.

  1. Ingest live content from your event into Wildmoka.
  2. Tailor content: Cut and compose clips and highlight reels using Wildmoka's Clip Studio, or create custom live feeds with Wildmoka's Live Studio, tailored for localized audiences.
  3. Push content directly to digital platforms (O&O, social, or third-party hosted) using Wildmoka for immediate and broad distribution and monetization and your iconik Collection for archive. 
  4. Store captured live feeds, compositions, and clips as assets in iconik with associated metadata for long-term storage and future retrieval/creative utilization.
  5. Reuse previously saved media – search for the assets required using iconik's advanced search tools and load it back into Wildmoka for repurposing. Wildmoka will use the highest-resolution proxy file. 

iconik x Wildmoka - Infographic-1

Unlock content production possibilities with Wildmoka x iconik

By connecting Wildmoka with iconik, you can manage, access, and distribute your valuable content in one place and get it to market faster with a new live-to-archive workflow.

Just think of all the things you can achieve:

  • Say goodbye to content chaos and easily keep track of all the assets you produce in one spot.
  • Save big on media management and easily scale infrastructure when event coverage demands.
  • Get more creative with your content and remix, repurpose, and re-envision your brand in endless new ways. 

Hyper-distribution meets smart savings

If you're a broadcaster seeking efficient content distribution or a Wildmoka user looking for a straightforward and budget-friendly media management solution, the iconik x Wildmoka integration is your answer. 

Combining Wildmoka's powerful distribution with iconik, this all-in-one platform enables you to manage, share, and monetize your event content without the hassles of conventional archiving. 

Ready to elevate your content strategy?
Explore iconik x Wildmoka now and discover your competitive edge.

Please note: You must be a user of both iconik and Wildmoka to use this integration.
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