Get the most value from your live feeds

With Backlight Streaming, you can produce near-live clips and highlight reels tailor-made for your audience and where they’re watching to extend the reach and impact of your live content.

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Solutions Clip & Edit - Icon (Be the first to Publish)

Be the first to publish

Easily ingest from any live feed, clip and edit, and, in one click, publish near-live video to all digital channels.

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Boost your content production

Create more video content with a simple browser-based clipping and lightweight editing tool designed for non-technical storytellers.

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Assemble reels faster than ever

Enjoy a simple, intuitive reel editor for creating compositions of time-sensitive content and leverage a rich set of functionalities to enhance your digital stories such as pre/post-rolls, transitions, multi-audio tracks, graphics, subtitling, exclusion zones, and more.

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Leverage automation for greater efficiency

Increase your team’s video output and streamline workflows by leveraging assisted or fully-automated content creation tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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