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We think of our customers as an intrinsic part of our story. Their requirements help inspire and guide us to continually improve.

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Let’s take a walk in the shoes of a Backlight Streaming client, from pre-sales to trial to onboarding and day-to-day support.

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You might be looking for more ways to monetize your video content, create a branded streaming app, or be the first to provide fans with near-live highlights or customized live streams. We work with you to define your needs.

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Take it for a spin

Once your need has been defined and we agree that we could work together, we’ll walk you through our tools step-by-step so you can get a feel for how they’ll address your specific use case.

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When you decide to work with Backlight, you’ll be assigned a dedicated onboarding representative who will introduce you to the full scope and capabilities of our Zype and Wildmoka product lines. Onboarding can include:

  • Setting up stream or VOD ingestion, transcoding parameters, and publishing destinations
  • Integrating your existing tech stack, including your CMS or CDN
  • Defining user profiles and access permissions
  • Setting up an asset gallery, creating dynamic playlists or distribution templates to help automate workflows
  • Scheduling a training session and follow-ups with your team 

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Day-to-day support

We want to make sure that you entire team feels empowered to do their job at every moment; that's why, with our day-to-day support, you get:

  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager who accompanies you throughout your project. They are your go-to person for ongoing training, questions, and custom feature requests
  • Regular business reviews with your CSM to present you with KPIs and advice for optimal use of the platform
  • Access to resources like self-service web support and weekday email support with options to upgrade support packages if desired for greater access to our support team
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The reason we chose the Backlight Streaming platform is how intuitive we found the interface was to use.

Raphaël Ouaknine
Head of Digital of i24NEWS

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