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Backlight Streaming offers a range of customer service add-ons including advanced support packages, live event monitoring and enablement services so that you can deliver reliable, enterprise-grade video products at scale.


Why Leverage Add-On Services?

Delivering a high-quality video streaming experience is challenging. Leverage our experience to de-risk your Go-To-Market approach and timelines. Let us worry about the technical requirements so you can focus on providing premium video experiences for your end users.

Explore Our Services

We provide a range of add-on services available to customers across all plan levels. We offer world-class support to help you ensure a frictionless streaming experience for your users.

Add-On Services - Icons (General Advanced Enterprise Support)

General, Advanced, or Enterprise Support Packages

Add-On Services - Icons (User Database Migration)

User Database Migration & Sync

Add-On Services - Icons (Technical Support) (1)

Technical Support Engineer Engagement

Add-On Services - Icons (Live Event Monitoring)

Live Event Monitoring

Add-On Services - Icons (DRM Configuration)

DRM Configuration

Add-On Services - Icons (Facilitate GoToMarket and Program Management)

Go-To-Market Support

Add-On Services - Icons (Event Consulting Services)

Event Consulting Services

Add-On Services - Icons (App Design)

App Design & Configuration

Add-On Services Allow You To

Select the right support package to meet your business needs

Whether you prefer dedicated specialists or multi-channel resources, customize the support you need to create a winning streaming product.TOHpeopletvZPS


Ensure service reliability during high-profile live events

Our live event monitoring and white-glove consulting services allow you to have our engineering team at the ready during critical live events.



Facilitate Go-To-Market and Program Management

Easily and quickly launch video streaming products in market with dedicated engineering support and project management.



Learn how add-on services can help you deliver results.

If you're already working with us, please contact your account manager or support team to learn more.