Content Rules

Take control of your content

Easily configure granular content rules to control the geographic regions where your videos can be played.

Content rules

Easily create new rules and set priorities to control how and where your videos can be played. An essential tool for digital broadcasters with content licensing agreements that require complete control over where videos are distributed.

Powerful region-based policies allow or deny video playback in different geographies


Easy to implement

Content rules allow you to set specific geography-based access policies for all your content including single videos, video playlists, or entire categories.


Prioritize multiple rules

Set up multiple content policies at the same time and prioritize how they are enforced, allowing you to quickly and easily create broad content playback policies, while also enforcing granular video blocking in specific geographies.


Global content control

Enable geography blocking across hundreds of unique countries and regions to ensure your content is being served exactly as required.


Learn how to easily create content rules that give you control over where your video can be played.