VideoMeta CMS


Streamline your video management by easily importing, managing and curating content.

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Organize Playlists

Quickly import or upload multiple videos, make bulk metadata changes and organize content into a reusable playlist structure for publishing.

Streamline Processes

Use webhooks and APIs to automate workflows to cut down repeatable tasks and streamline content curation.

Easily Access Content

Store videos in the cloud so you can easily access and manage your content from anywhere -- the studio, your home, or your mobile device on the go.

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Easily import videos

Import video and metadata from 3rd party video services such as Vimeo, MRSS feeds or self-hosted content.

Sync content

Turn-key content ingestion is simple to configure and can continue to sync. Consolidate multiple content sources or manage publishing through a single library.

Quickly upload and encode

Upload multiple files at once and encode the content for optimized delivery to customers across every device.

Reliable, Secure Streaming

Zype's DRM connector allows video publishers to seamlessly protect their content for secure distribution to every streaming platform. Our player supports DRM out of the box, and our developer tools make it easy to build implementations into custom playback surfaces.

Manage and modify ALL video metadata including title, description, publishing schedules, categories, ad timings, subtitles, multiple video sources, and more.


Schedule content

Keep content fresh by setting activation and sunset dates on videos.

Choose content thumbnails

Select thumbnails that are automatically generated or upload your own custom image.

Add custom metadata

Structure metadata that makes sense for your content by creating custom data fields.

Reporting on video engagement, device-level playback, and revenue channels at your fingertips


Video engagement

Understand how your audience is engaging with content through reports showing total time watched, which players and devices are being used, most popular videos, and which geographic locations your consumers are watching from.

Device, browser, OS analytics

Learn how to best optimize delivery across all the endpoints that matter the most to your audience.

Consumer-level analytics

Dive into consumer-level data to see content consumption trends and understand which devices are being used. Track detailed activity like transactions and billing changes, playback sessions, and logins.

Build intelligent playlists

Create a powerful playlist hierarchy by curating multiple levels of playlists within a nested structure to visually organize content. Leverage this playlist structure for publishing to control how your content is presented to viewers.

World Class API's

Build with Zype’s video APIs and gain control over the whole video lifecycle, from metadata & curation, to authentication and authorization, video playback experience, and more.


Choose who gets to watch your content

Set content rules to determine where your video content can be played. You can easily create new rules and set priorities with granular content settings by geography.


Harness the power of Zype's video infrastructure