Video Paywalls

Capture data and monetize your videos with Zype's paywalls


Embeddable Paywalls

Use Zype's ready-to-go Embeddables to easily add registration, subscription , or redemption code paywalls to your videos via embed codes generated in the Zype platform.

Custom API Paywalls

Extend the power of Zype's embeddable paywalls with Zype's Video Entitlement API and OAuth API. Zype's Video Entitlements API allows you to provide access to transaction paywalled videos to individual consumers. Use the OAuth API to create custom paywall login authentication or integrate Zype's paywalls with your existing website/application login methods.

Registration screen

Grow Your Marketing Leads with Video Registration Paywalls

Registration paywalls make it easy to capture more marketing leads with video. Enable registration requirements in your video library to request viewers sign up for an account before gaining access to your video content, so you can capture names and email addresses to maximize marketing outcomes, without requiring payment.

Maximize Your Revenue with Paywalls

Easily gate video content with Zype's embeddable paywalls. With the click of a button, and no development required, require viewers to pay for content via subscription paywall, purchase paywall, or rental paywall. You can also enable pass plans to provide viewers with one-time redemption codes to watch. Embeddable subscriptions allows you to customize the plans available to users, with options for price, billing periods, free trial periods, and coupons. Integrate with a Stripe or BrainTree account to store subscriptions and receive payments right away.

Paywall Option screen