Robust subscription video platform

Build a recurring revenue business with your subscription video network for live or on-demand content and distribute across web, mobile and connected TV devices.


The Zype video platform has all of the options you need to implement and manage subscription-based VOD or live streams, including geofencing and paywalls. Offer one or more plan types, such as monthly or annual plans, or offer a special VIP tier for your best customers that includes special perks.

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Discover how easy it is to launch a subscription video service




Flexible plan configurations

Build and activate new plans within seconds, with the click of the button.

Flexible plan configurations

Enable subscription trial

Offer trial periods to allow potential subscribers to try before they buy.


Revenue ownership

Subscription revenue is processed automatically by your payment provider and funds are deposited directly into your bank account.


Video business analytics

Full insight into recurring revenue, subscriber transactions and data.


Ready to build recurring revenue for your business?