Purchase and Rental

Sell or rent a single video or collections of videos

Purchase and Rental

Purchase and rental options make it easy to build your own transaction-based video business. Choose how to best monetize your content by launching pay-per-view live streams, or enabling customers to rent select videos.

Simple to manage

Get granular control. Toggle purchase and rental settings on or off with a single click on each individual video or playlist. Learn more >




Complete configurability

Set default purchase and rental prices, as well as rental durations that can be applied to your whole library in a few clicks.


Content bundling

Sell and rent individual videos or bundle together multiple videos into collections (called “Playlists” in Zype) to sell or rent a set of videos in a single transaction. Learn more >

Direct revenue ownership

Receive 100% of your revenue — no middlemen sitting between your audience and your money.


Instant Video Paywall

Instant Video Paywall

Use embeddables to drop paywall content directly into your existing website with no development required. It’s simple to activate in just a few clicks.

Ready to build your own transaction-based video business?